Time to Push the Limits Further

A recent study found that ten percent of Fortune 500 companies are using blockchain. Blockchain adoption is increasing, but the existing use cases do not go far enough to satisfy potential adopters.

The “push the limits meaning” is a concept that has been around for many years. The idea of pushing the limits further is something that people have done since time began. It’s also something that people are always trying to do.

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Good day, Seedify Community!

Today, we’re ready to provide you with information and updates on four different topics:

  • $SNFTS tokenomics & claim schedule
  • NFT Launchpad by Seedify
  • NFT Marketplace by Seedify
  • Utility expansions funded by the SFUND

First, let’s look into the $SNFTS tokenomics.

In five years, the entire supply of $SNFTS will reach

Around 3.3 percent will be airdropped to the Seedify community, according to our estimations. We’ll be allocating 5% of the initial supply to the airdrop, with additional partner drops to follow.

The remaining 95 percent will be allocated as follows:

Liquidity: 1% — 500 million (at first, 250 thousand dollars worth of tokens will be placed for liquidity, and the remainder will be unlocked every month for the next five months)

Community incentives for staking and farming: 40% — 20b (linear monthly unlock for 60 months)

30 percent — 15 billion dollars in operations treasury (linear monthly unlock for 60 months)

treasury of the NFT: 20% — 10% (linear monthly unlock for 60 months)

Team incentives: 9% — 4.5 billion dollars (unlock every 6 months for 60 months)

In a word, we wanted to ensure that the tokens are issued gradually and that we had the financial resources to propel Seedify NFT Space to hypergrowth.

Prior to releasing the claims, we will reveal the first liquidity price, but we will not release it at a very high valuation to ensure that the incentives to hold, stake, and farm are greater than the motivations to sell immediately, because many individuals would effectively receive free tokens.

Unlike other coins, which face pressure from seed and private investors, $SNFTS will rely only on treasury to grow. The Seedify NFT Space’s business model, when combined with commissions from the marketplace, will be one that boosts SFUND via buybacks while simultaneously generating scarcity in the SNFTS token through smart contract auto-burn functionalities.

This link is for individuals who haven’t read how the commissions develop the processes that promote value for holders.

We are currently beginning from experience with SNFTS, as a startup that began with no money when we launched Seedify, offering SFUND token via an airdrop-only community start.

We’re currently working on the first versions of the NFT Launchpad and NFT Marketplace, which will serve as the foundation for the Seedify NFT Space, with many more exciting features to follow.

Even though the SNFTS token will be utilized for commission savings and RNG-based NFT incentive drops when trading on the platform, SFUND will continue to be the Launchpad utility token. Seedify NFT Space commissions and new utilities will grow SFUND to unprecedented levels, thanks to the buyback function being automated into the commissions and smart contract.

While NFTs are an important part of the blockchain gaming and metaverse fields, having an NFT Launchpad will allow us to ensure that project tokenomics are less structured on sell pressures from seed and private, and more structured on NFT utility sales and funding that does not create token pressure. As a result, our NFT Launchpad will be utilized strategically for this purpose as well, considerably assisting project ROIs and, as a result, enhancing SFUND ROIs.

Last but not least, the claim page will be live in April, so we can start $SNFTS with a product and give it utility right away.

NFT Launchpad by Seedify & Marketplace Updates

As of now, we have completed most of the smart contract related work and started to dive deeper into the design, and UX of the initial versions of NFT Launchpad by Seedify and Marketplace.

We’ll start doing focus groups with chosen community members towards the end of March so we can get your input before the launch and ensure a seamless user experience.

We’ll be holding our first NFT launches in April, ensuring that utility NFTs for gaming and metaverse applications can compete with Seedify’s enormous expertise and community strength.

With the NFT Launchpad, you’ll notice a change to your Seedify profile, including the ability to view your NFTs and, of course, trade and give them.

During Q3, everything built thus far on Seedify, NFT Launchpad, Marketplace, and other Seedify NFT Space products, as well as our present IGO Launchpad, Claim, and Staking platforms, will be completely rebranded.

SFUND Utilities is growing.

It goes without saying, but for those who have scanned through, the NFT Launchpad allotment will be granted to individuals staking and farming SFUND, and since NFTs have no vesting structure, the earnings from mints will be extremely direct, rather than linear gains earned per month. If an NFT performs a 100x, for example, you will get the 100x immediately rather than having to wait for vesting to complete.

Additionally, SFUND buybacks will be another utility power obtained from consumption, hence boosting the SFUND token’s strength.

While the focus in 2022 will be on providing excellent SFUND incentives to stakers and farmers, you should expect some unexpected developments at the conclusion of the year.

However, in order to avoid underpromising and overdelivering, we will begin sharing the next utilities only when we have completed the present ones.

Notes at the End

It wasn’t simple to lead the blockchain gaming and metaverse field with a coin that had no private backing, no money, and no accelerator/launchpad assistance.

Our roots are, without a doubt, stronger than they’ve ever been.

It’s now time to push our boundaries even farther.

As an example:

As if Loading…

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don’t push me to my limits meaning” is a phrase that is often used in the crypto space. This can be applied to many things, such as trading, investing and even everyday life. The phrase comes from the idea that if you keep pushing someone or something to their limits, they will eventually break.

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