Timbaland Lights Up the Metaverse with Bored Ape Music Video

While most of the industry is still struggling to understand how blockchain will impact their businesses, a few artists are already experimenting with crypto-powered projects. One such artist, Timbaland recently released his latest video for “Bored Ape”, and it is not only one of the first music videos in history to be powered by blockchain technology but also gives viewers exclusive access through digital tokens called BORDS.

The “ape into the metaverse” is a music video by Timbaland that features Bored Ape. The video was released on November 7th, 2017 and has over 5 million views as of January 2018.

Timbaland, a prolific music producer and media icon, has started a groundbreaking voyage into the metaverse. Utilizing his Bored Ape intellectual property as a result, he developed a digital character for the virtual world.

The astute pioneer has debuted an iconic new music video for his famous song “Has a Meaning” in his first public appearance as his simian alter ego, Congo. An excellent work that draws inspiration from the Web3 environment to investigate this brand-new medium for superstardom and signals a crucial turning point in the globe as it enters the new age of immersive media.

Timbaland collaborated with Web3 guru Zayd Portillo on this titanic project to realize his vision. Utilizing motion capture is a technological advancement to give the animated apes reality Then, using the incredible power of the Unreal Engine, rendering everything in high-res brilliance and combining it creatively with animation, NFTs, music, and the metaverse to create a spectacular feast for the eyes.


Inherit a Piece of History

At the most recent BAYC Ape Fest held at NFT NYC, Timbaland premiered his most current work to the approval of a rapt audience. Fans may now purchase one of 100 NFT copies of the video for a reasonable 0.4 ETH each for a limited drop on the glass.xyz platform to have their own piece of the action.

Therefore, as the virtual world develops, the physical and digital worlds continue to merge, with the most knowledgeable superstars looking to establish a presence in this new frontier of media interaction, represented by a stunning realm where physical location no longer matters and fans can interact with their favorite idols.

Bag a ‘Has a Meaning’ NFT, or, just watch the video >> Here


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