These are the Top NFT Music Artists Making Waves

NFTs are the next new thing in music, and some artists have already made a name for themselves with their NFT-powered tracks. These are the top three blockchain-based albums you need to know about.

NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” are a new form of digital assets that can be used for many purposes. In the music industry, these tokens have been used to create a decentralized platform for artists and fans alike.

NFTs are gaining greater attention and interest on a daily basis all around the globe. As a consequence of this increased popularity, both producers and collectors are increasingly interacting with technology, resulting in unprecedented levels of creativity and experimentation. These developments are particularly noticeable in the NFT music sphere, where an increasing number of artists are beginning to challenge heritage music business systems by incorporating new methods of interacting with their fans.

The community around music NFTs is fast increasing, further popularizing the technology as more musicians join the market with novel utility value offers to their audience. While the ecosystem is still being established, it’s vital to look at the NFT music artists and producers who have been the most visible and engaged in propelling the music NFT area ahead to this point. These musicians vary from well-known stars that appear on global charts to smaller underground producers who are all working to establish community trust around music NFTs and create new methods to monetize their work.

The Top NFT Music Artists & Projects

3LAU is a well-known DJ and producer who was one of the first to promote the NFT space, selling his first digital collectable in 2020. Last year, he mounted a major effort to sell his Ultraviolet collection for $11,7 million, which comprised 33 distinct NFTs, including a limited-edition vinyl copy, digital downloads of unreleased tracks, and a custom-made song created with the buyer’s creative input. He also released a follow-up with Slime Sunday, a well-known digital artist, and is still active in the music NFT community. He is one of the inventors of the Royal, a marketplace that deals with providing royalty rights to token owners from the music of musicians.

Grimes, a Canadian singer, musician, and digital artist, was one of the first outspoken champions of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, thus the announcement of a 2021 release of the WarNympth Collection, which sold for $5.8 million on Nifty Gateway, came as no surprise to the community. It included 10 unique digital artworks, the most of which were complemented by her music. Since then, Grimes has been a vocal and active advocate of NFT advancements in the music industry.


Over the past several years, Steve Aoki, a Grammy-nominated DJ and producer, has been particularly anxious to promote NFTs. He’s indicated on many occasions that he gets more money from NFTs than from streaming music royalties, and he’s collaborated with digital artists like Atoni Tudisco and Jason Ebeyer, selling his Dream Catcher collection for $4.25 million. The collection itself consisted of immersive audiovisuals, each of which was restricted to just 11 pieces. Steve has become an enthusiastic collector since the selling of these NFTs, pausing a performance to show the audience his recent acquisition of a digital NFT of a pink extraterrestrial.


Imogen Heap, a well-known British composer and recording artist, was perhaps one of the earliest decentralization campaigners in the music industry. She has been campaigning for the use of blockchain to solve difficulties in the music business since 2016. She was an early supporter of Ethereum and is now active in the music NFT space, having released a set of six audiovisual tokens that also include a set of live recordings from a live online jam session. She donated the majority of the earnings from the sale to an environmental organization, therefore offsetting the transaction’s carbon impact.


Last year, Kings of Leon, a famed Nashville rock band, made history by being the first music artists to release an album on streaming platforms and an NFT bundle at the same time. “When You See Yourself” was a set of three tokens that featured vinyl editions of the record that were unique and exclusive, digital artworks, and a lifetime concert ticket to their event. The band has been engaged in supporting blockchain technology in music since selling the collection for $2 million.


Jacques Greene is a well-known Canadian DJ and electronic music producer who was one of the first artists to utilize the NFT to auction off the publishing rights to his song “Promise” as well as the visuals that accompanied it. In 2021, the token was sold for $23,000 and is currently worth almost twice as much. Jacques, although having a brilliant thinker in the music NFT community, is now not minting collections owing to underlying environmental issues, and is instead devoting his time to addressing this problem.


Curren$y, a rap artist from New Orleans, has been highly imaginative with his album NFTs, using the celebration of 420 culture as a primary topic for his release. The tokens were supposed to provide collectors access to digital low-rider automobile models, unique access to his unreleased EP, and a guarantee of a real-life hangout and a virtual smoking session with all of the other collectors. He has remained an avid promoter of the technology after selling the collection for an estimated $150,000.


Mick Jenkins is a Chicago-born hip hop artist who has always been innovative in terms of the utilitarian value he provides to fans and collectors. Aside from releasing two songs as NFTs and pushing for the space, this NFT musician has teamed with Daichi Yamamoto, a Japanese artist, to release an NFT for a music video, as well as custom designed 3D jackets in the virtual blockchain world of Cryptovoxels.


VÉRITÉ is a vocalist and independent musician from Brooklyn who has made a name for herself in the world of music NFTs. She generated nearly $10,000 through the sale of a token that gives her 2,3% ownership of the master recording of her song “By Now,” which is a major achievement for an artist without a record company. VÉRITÉ has been a regular developer of NFTs since then, particularly on sites like Catalogue and sounds. xyz.


Latasha is a singer and rapper who promotes blockchain and NFTs in the music industry. She was one among the first artists to release an exclusive NFT of her music video for the song GOGO WYNE, which she sold for $50,000. She has been a prominent proponent of developments in music technology since the release, and she now devotes her time on onboarding and teaching in the music decentralization field.


Mig Mora, better known by his stage name Spottie WiFi, is the world’s first CryptoPunk rapper, who began releasing songs under the guise of a CryptoPunk digital NFT he had acquired. He issued a seven-song EP that was restricted to 2,000 copies of the NFT, each with the option of obtaining master recording synching rights. The NFTs sold for $192,000 in around 60 seconds due to a significant rush of demand from digital art aficionados. This is an excellent indication of the growing community’s strength behind the technology.


Mike Casey is a jazz saxophonist and producer who is noted for his avant-garde style and fusion of jazz and other contemporary genres. He is a pioneer in the NFT sector within a more narrow music genre family, having published numerous albums on OpenSea. These collections included NFTs of album artwork audiovisuals, music videos, and unreleased album digital artworks.


Debby Friday is a rapper and producer from Vancouver who is most known for releasing an NFT bundle for her 42-minute audio piece Link Sick. She is an outspoken proponent of technology who advocates for further experimentation and innovation in the area.


karma.wav is a web3 and music artist, producer, and community creator. He’s published NFTs under his artist pseudonym, as well as karmavioletta, his collaboration with his fiancée, and auctioned off a music video NFT for their song “Without You.” He was also included in the NFT collectable “In Search of Satoshi Nakatomo” digital card game. He is an inventor who is concerned with creating for the future of web3 and NFTs, in addition to releasing music. For example, he was one of the organizers of Songcamp, a web3 songwriting camp in which all participants’ entire production is eventually issued as a token. He’s now working on a social club called wavWRLD, with the purpose of bridging the gap between music and web3.


The Next 12 Months

We’ll see a lot more creators contacting and engaging with NFTs, social tokens, and DAOs in 2022. These musicians will include both well-known celebrities who can leverage their large fan bases to increase interest in NFT music and up-and-coming artists who are leading the charge in terms of creativity and community development. There’s a lot more to look forward to this year!


The “music nft drop” is a popular NFT music artist. The top 5 artists are not the same in each category, but they all share the same love for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFT for music?

A: They are non-fungible tokens that can be obtained through a variety of methods (selling, trading, etc.).

How do you make money with NFT music?

A: You could try selling your music on iTunes or Spotify, you can also sell it directly to fans through a website like Bandcamp.

Can you sell songs as NFT?

A: No, this is not currently possible on our platform.

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