The Xbox And PC Game Could Become A Gateway For Big Gaming Companies To Adopt NFTs

Game makers are starting to explore the potential of blockchain technology, which has already made its way into games like CryptoKitties. Publishers and companies look at how NFTs can work with their existing business models to help drive mainstream adoption.

The “stormrite” is a game that uses NFTs and allows players to create their own tokens. This game could be a gateway for big gaming companies to adopt NFTs.

The NFT gaming projects have had impressive development since 2020. After NFTs gained popularity in 2021, the Metaverse blossomed with the release of new games. However, the majority of these initiatives come from up-and-coming organizations or teams. The well-known companies like RockStar, EA Games, and others are distant from using blockchain technology or NFT.

This is quite similar to the scope of mobile gaming. Compared to the official game developers of the industry, we got more independent games from smaller firms. A recent initiative, however, seems to be narrowing the difference.

Stormrite may end up serving as the link that major gaming corporations need to join the NFT market.

Stormrite: What Is It?

Kelechi Apakama is now working on a new video game called Stormrite. We haven’t seen any other titles from this new firm, which is also new. The fact that Stormrite will be made accessible on Xbox and Steam is a noteworthy achievement. Other NFT or Metaverse games haven’t succeeded in doing this. They are concentrating on either becoming a stand-alone software or a platform with a web client. Their credibility suffers as a result of this.

Players may freely choose how their character will advance in Stormrite, which takes an RPG-like approach. You may choose to become a warrior, magician, assassin, or anything else after starting off as a squire.

The open-world game will emphasize missions and teaching players how to gather powerful scrolls called Stormrite.

The Stormrite Game’s NFT Elements – Enjin Power

By releasing frequent updates, Stormrite has kept the gaming community and public informed. Whether it was the new fighting system or Magic 2.0. In order to power the NFT component of the game, Stormrite has established a cooperation with Enjin.

The NFT aspects are rather straightforward. The game will have cosmetic goods. These will include, among other things, skins for characters and weapons. And the game’s NFT goods will be these cosmetics.

Observable aspects of this strategy include:

  • The game does not include any tokens. Players won’t have any in-game cash or tokens.
  • Enjin will be the sole blockchain used for NFT storage, transmission, and other purposes.
  • The blockchain won’t be used to operate the game itself.

What Aspect Of Big Companies Entering NFT Does Stormrite Change?

It’s easy. The majority of corporations and developers believed that in order to produce an NFT or Metaverse game, they needed to leverage blockchain technology. By limiting the use of Enjin to the NFT cosmetics, Stormrite dispelled that myth. Therefore, adding cryptocurrencies and other features is not necessary for developers.

It demonstrates to businesses the possibility of using a similar strategy or using blockchain technology to provide NFTs. These NFTs might be the skins or accomplishment NFTs that other players who like wearing cosmetics have come to cherish.

Here are several video games where skins have become popular among players:

  • Glacier Skin M416 in PUGB Mobile was a huge hit among players.
  • Fantastic legendary skins are a hallmark of Apex Legends.
  • There are several durable weapon skins available for COD.

Although these are all battle royale instances, it is clear that skins are widely used. For these ideas, Stormrite has chosen to add NFTs. It surely will be helpful.

New aesthetics and designs have always been appealing to players. We have event-based products and skins in Animal Crossing and other well-known games, so you may see it there.

Other businesses may use a like strategy.

It may be rather lucrative to eventually own the skins, make them unique, and put them on the blockchain. Already, many are prepared to pay a lot of money on skins. Now, if they are unique and special, the frenzy will soar to new heights.

Therefore, major gaming corporations stand to gain greatly. People can:

  • NFT Skins may help you create a new gaming revenue stream.
  • Make an effort to win over gamers that desire NFTs in the games.
  • Introduce a soft play-to-earn system that allows players to exchange NFTs once they have them in their possession.

New Times For AAA-Gaming

We are looking at a new frontier if Stormrite succeeds. It will be the first game to combine the NFT universe with the AAA gaming business (or the mainstream gaming industry). Even though it is just Xbox at initially, it could be the first game to introduce NFTs on consoles.

A chain reaction may result from all of this. comparable to the Nike NFTs, YouTube NFTs, and other similar sneakers. Nevertheless, the gaming sector. There are other more blockchains that have a similar stance to Enjin, like WAX and EOS. Some transfers are permissible. Businesses might even utilize WAX and EOS for transfer while employing Ethereum for storage and security.

Of course, introducing just NFTs and balancing them for the economy and other elements presents a number of difficulties. The crew at Stormrite, though, may be onto something significant.

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NFTs are a type of cryptocurrency that is used in the gaming industry. The big companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have adopted these currencies for their games. This could lead to more adoption of NFTs by other big companies. Reference: why are nfts bad for gaming.

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