The Web 3 LAND Sale

One of the most anticipated sales to date, LANDs on Web 3 are rare and often sell for tens or hundreds of thousands. But with a limited supply, they have quickly appreciated in value. Join us as we discuss this sale and what it means for future tokenized assets.

The “sandbox public land sale 2022” is a digital asset that is being sold on the blockchain. The asset will be used to fund projects in the country of Sweden.

This article first appeared on The Sandbox.

With our next LAND sale on February 10th in The Sandbox, we’re introducing the Web3 Hub. This section of our map represents the throbbing heart of decentralization, and it’s all about technological innovation. We’re introducing a select set of collections, brands, DAOs, and people at the cutting edge of technology into our metaverse with this LAND sale. The LAND auction next week will be your opportunity to stake your claim in this community and be closer than ever to any of the partners listed below.

We will open a new chunk of The Sandbox Metaverse on February 10th at 1 PM UTC. This will be your opportunity to buy one of the 550+ LANDs for sale, right alongside our newest partners who are claiming their piece of the map.


To buy a LAND, you’ll need both SAND and ETH (for gas expenses).

NFTs of the highest quality

During the Web 3 LAND auction, five NFTs will be packaged with Premium LANDs.



Spartacus & Goliath (left) ; Lieutenant Gordo Grande (right)

  • Spartacus & Goliath: Spartacus and Goliath are the leaders of the Apes of Space NFT community. They lead our society forward into the fun and intriguing world of The Sandbox metaverse. Apes Together Strong!
  • Lieutenant Gordo Grande has come several lightyears from BlackPool HQ with a single aim in mind: to establish an outpost on the SANDBOX homeworld and continue to spread our reach throughout the cosmos. What perils will he face in this weird new world? What treasures may be found? Do voxel bananas have the same flavor as ordinary bananas? Only time will tell whether this is true.
  • Bearwhale: The Bearwhale may be found deep inside the gem caverns. He emerges from time to time and dumps a large quantity of costly jewels into his open mouth.
  • Beca is a two-wheeled mecha rickshaw driven by a robot that transports its passengers about Mad Mecha City.
  • The Social Toro: When investing, always have a buddy at your side, preferably one who is green.

This LAND auction has a diverse group of up-and-coming partners. All of them are listed below:


Apes of Space is a community-focused NFT initiative in the Cryptocurrency space that is looking to buy a piece of land (perhaps 66) on which to create a game for our expanding community. We’ve been monitoring Sandbox’s evolution for a long time and feel it has a bright future as the NFT gaming sector expands, and we’d want to be a part of it. The idea would be to create a dark, atmospheric game in a rocky area surrounded by caves, with landmark features such as a spaceship crashing to the ground, inside which players could explore. We’re still brainstorming core game mechanics, but to give you a rough idea of the aesthetics, the idea would be to create a dark, atmospheric game in a rocky area surrounded by caves, with landmark features such as a spaceship crashing to the ground, inside which players could explore


Fine art and collectibles, gaming, esports, celebrity (film/tv/music), and animation/anime are among the five entertainment verticals covered by this Asia-centric decentralized marketplace. It’s a terrific area for NFT fans, traders, and art collectors.


BlackPool is a tokenized NFT fund that is actively managed. Its goal is to democratize access to the greatest in-game assets, the highest-yield generators, and the most valuable NFTs, so that everyone may benefit. BlackPool is the first protocol to create passive income by combining long tail investment research, artificial intelligence, and self-organizing team guilds. The DAO is now concentrating on three areas: portfolio investments, competitive gaming, and innovation incubation.


Soon, the metaverse will be home to a mecha-awesome experience. This project is about a bunch of nasty robots from outer space and insane mechs that are going to fill their ESTATE!


Bears Deluxe contains all 6,900 different pixel bears. All of the artwork is created by hand in a 2424 pixel format. Exclusive games and access to the HONEY token for usage in the Bears Deluxe environment will be available shortly.


Spells of Genesis (SoG), one of the first blockchain-based mobile games, was developed by EverdreamSoft. Spells of Genesis is a point-and-shoot card game that combines dexterity and strategic thinking. All of the game’s cards may be blockchainized and exchanged like any other NFT commodity.


Bubblegum Kids is a one-of-a-kind collection of 10,000 NFTs produced at random. You may enter the Bubblegum world by owning a BGK! In the Sandbox, chew some bubblegum with them!


It is the year 2088. The Degen Tavern, a famed medieval styled sports pub where sports gambling degens meet in their best knight attire to wager on sports, exchange NFTs, share alpha, and be their truest degen selves, is having a boisterous Sunday. The one true King is the biggest gambler and darkest degen in the realm, rewarding devoted Knights with access to a new world of sports betting, NFTs, and fanaticism.


The most popular iced tea in the United States and the metaverse. Welcome to the website of The Sandbox’s official drink!


Omnimorphs is a generative NFT collectable project that has 10.000 hand-drawn digital avatars preserved in the Ethereum blockchain.


Hex Trust is a bank-grade digital asset custody company that is fully licensed and insured. The firm provides custody and other value-added services to financial institutions, digital asset service providers, and private customers using its proprietary platform Hex SafeTM.


Bulls on the Block is an NFT initiative that began in June 2021 and will end in June 2022. Every Bull owner contributes to a communal wallet, and everyone gets a vote in what happens with it.


The first cultural center facility for the underground electronic music scene, hosting underground techno events with top international DJs & equipments shop!


A community of crypto enthusiasts that consider themselves the opposite of shillers. Their motto is “Let’s dig & build together.”


With over 25 million registered users worldwide, eToro is the most popular social investment platform. They are devoted to supporting the adoption of innovative technologies that serve the common good as a blockchain pioneer (their CEO co-wrote the Colored Coins whitepaper in 2012).


CryptoFoxes are two sets of procedurally created and unique foxes, including 1,000 and 11,111 foxes respectively.

This page will shortly include links to all of the auctions for this wave.

On February 10th at 1PM UTC, go over to the Sandbox map for a chance to own LAND in the Web 3 area.

The LANDs in the Sandbox are being moved to a new smart contract. Go here to learn more about the LANDs migration.

As an example:

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The “sandbox land sale wave 4” is an event that will take place on the Web3 platform. It will run from June 27th to July 3rd and will feature a sandbox land sale with a variety of NFTs available at discounted prices.

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