The We Own Sea NFT Club Brings the Ocean to the Blockchain

The We Own Sea NFT Club is a blockchain-based platform that allows players to become the owner of ocean resources. The game enhances sustainability by enhancing player’s understanding of their role in environmental issues and reducing consumerism on sea usage.

The “nft buy” is a command-line tool that allows users to trade NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

A plethora of magnificent and majestic entities lurk deep below the dark depths of the Ethereum network. A swarm of fanciful sea animals slowly swimming to the crypto surface with a fondness for humanistic trappings. As a consequence, the first 7777 “We Own Sea (W.O.S.)” NFTs will emerge from the watery plain shortly to take pride of position in the wallets of the fortunate few.

The Ocean-Themed Geek and Chic Collection

W.O.S. Club is a trio of ocean-themed collectibles that will debut in the coming months, including Sharks, Whales, and their mystery offspring. Each NFT is a beautifully rendered digital 3D masterpiece created by algorithmically mixing and combining diverse materials, apparel, accessories, and decals to produce a series of visually distinct, highly collectable pieces. All with the purpose of creating one of the most eye-catching NFT collections ever.

These magnificent warriors of the aquatic underworld, on the other hand, will not forget their origins. As a consequence, $100k in USDT will be used to finance a variety of ocean-going conservation projects, with 30% of all resale royalties contributing to the total. So far, the Sea Shepherd Association and the WWF have been named as beneficiaries.

It’s All About the Non-Flammable Transistors (NFTs)

On March 16, 7,777 NFT Sharks will land on the Ethereum blockchain, kicking off the whole W.O.S. event. As a result, the first drop will be split into two parts: 1,500 fortunate whitelist members will get their hands on the 3D goodies first, followed by a general sale of 6,100 goods. The remaining 177 items will be used for community outreach and marketing. Regardless of allocation, all NFTs will be available for purchase for a fixed charge of $500 in ETH. The whitelisted will pay a somewhat lower price than the general public.

W.O.S. will then commence its second stage after the shark frenzy has subsided. As a result, 7,777 Whale NFTs will be available in a similar drop later this year.

Finally, after the dust has cleared, a breeding process will give owners of both sets of NFTs the opportunity to claim a third collectable, an as-yet-unidentified offspring of the original characters. Other one-of-a-kind animals will be developed and auctioned off as part of this collection to raise even more money for charity.

All W.O.S. Club members will be eligible for a variety of great benefits in the future. Owners will enjoy exclusive benefits and regular prizes, and the team will donate 30% of all resale revenues to the community.

W.O.S.’s Roadmap

There are several giveaways at each step of the W.O.S. development. For example, halfway through each drop, the team will choose random NFT holders to win designer watches worth more than $13,000, while one fortunate Shark will get a one-week stay at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. After the first sale, a retail shop will open, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items with the distinctive ocean-themed designs.


Professionals with a Wide Range of Experience

W.O.S. Club is supported by a large team of seasoned experts that work together to provide one of the greatest NFT experiences. This highly visible, forward-thinking talent pool is poised to take NFTs to the next level.

Furthermore, the outstanding artwork was created by a well-known French design company, which has a roster of clients that includes some of the greatest names in the sports and fashion sectors, like Nike and Dior.

Overall, this is an exciting period for aficionados of aquatic, geek, manga-themed, and beautiful marine monsters.

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