The Walking Dead to Launch NFTs in Wake of Final Season

Cryptocurrency NFTs in gaming are not a new development. In fact, Fortnite has been using them for quite some time now, with the purchase of items such as skins and emotes unlocking exclusive perks that have driven player activity to unprecedented levels. But it’s only recently that we’ve seen an entirely different game launch its own blockchain-powered ecosystem: The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. With their latest season launching next month, they plan on offering players unique digital collectibles like weapons and characters from the show to drive interest while also introducing limited edition physical products available exclusively through their online store.

The “selling nft” is an application of the NFTs that allows users to purchase a token for The Walking Dead. This is because the show will be ending soon, and they want to make sure people can still get their hands on some tokens.

The Walking Dead, AMC’s long-running flagship program, is releasing NFTs to coincide with the premiere of its last, 11th season. The NFTs are being pushed out as part of the franchise’s multi-year effort to keep the zombie series alive and kicking inside the metaverse as the program prepares to depart our television screens for good.

The NFTs will be released in many volumes, the first of which will be released on February 20th at 1 p.m. ET, only hours before the show’s enlarged final season debut of ‘Part 2 of 3’. The collection will comprise 1,000 generative art NFTs of the franchise’s most recognizable past and current characters, each priced at $50. There will also be 750 unique cartoons inspired by famous moments available for $250 apiece. 

In addition, Orange Comet, the creator and retailer for all The Walking Dead NFT material, will offer $311 NFT ‘Walker Access Passes,’ which will be accessible for 24 hours. Each NFT will be one-of-a-kind and will offer access to exclusive forthcoming The Walking Dead NFT material until 2022. 

The collection of the show’s NFT material, much of which will be published during the show’s final season, also serves as the foundation for the development of a virtual community based around the series and its related digital assets. Fans will be able to purchase, sell, and trade their NFTs here, as well as obtain real-life, flesh-biting experiences related to the program. 

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