The Thunderbirds Take International Rescue to the Metaverse

The Thunderbirds, one of the world’s longest running TV shows, have taken to the internet for this new generation. The show was first broadcast on June 2nd 1965 and is still in production today with a total of 441 episodes across 52 seasons. With British television rights holders ITV2 recently announcing its plan to launch an online version of the series later this year as part of their strategy for providing content that can be enjoyed anytime by anyone

The “the thunderbirds” is a new virtual reality game that was created by the British company, The Thunderbirds Take International Rescue to the Metaverse. This game allows players to be in control of their own rescue team, and it is an entirely free experience.

ITV Studios, a UK televisual programming company, has partnered up with blockchain experts Reality Gaming. They’ve teamed forces to bring the Thunderbirds, the classic marionette superheroes, into the Web3 age.

The ‘International Rescue Club’ will be formed by a great set of Thunderbirds NFTs in their most recent version. Characters, cars, and places from the long-running program are included in this extraordinary collection of artworks. All of this serves as the foundation for an exclusive Thunderbirds community with long-term usefulness at its heart.

From now until August, the legendary squad will conduct a variety of contests, freebies, and events, culminating in a spectacular Thunderbirds NFT launch, when fortunate fans will finally get their hands on some of the magnificent relics.

🔊5-4-3-2-1! @ThunderbirdsIRC is our newest project, and we’re really thrilled to share it with you!

Details: Multiple mints and airdrops Community activities Exclusive real-world “Rescue missions” for owners

More information is available at #NFTs #Web3

June 7, 2022 — Reality Gaming Group (@RealityGamingG1)

The collaboration’s initial set of benefits involves each NFT activating an analogous avatar in The Sandbox metaverse. This enables owners to execute daring rescues in the virtual world while also participating in real-life missions by donating the proceeds from the sale to charity all around the globe.

Not bad for a TV show that debuted in 1965 and was centered on the dextrous art of marionette puppets. THE THUNDERBIRDS ARE ON THE MOVE!

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