The State Hermitage Museum Launches Fully Virtual NFT Exhibition

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia is the first world-class institution to offer a fully virtual exhibition of artworks using non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. The museum plans for this show to be open until 2020, giving visitors access as if they were physically visiting the real objects at their original locations.

The “The State Hermitage Museum Launches Fully Virtual NFT Exhibition” is a story about how the museum has launched a fully virtual exhibition of art that exists as an NFT. Read more in detail here: what is nft art.

“The State Hermitage Museum,” the world’s biggest and possibly grandest of all art galleries, has opened its first-ever NFT exhibition. “Invisible Aether,” which is fully virtual, allows art enthusiasts to participate for free through PC, Smartphone, and VR clients.

Guests establish an avatar before exploring the handpicked showpieces in a metaverse-style open environment. None of the pieces on show are for sale, and their worth has been purposefully overlooked. As a result, the show serves as a test to see how much genuine interest there is in the NFT creative realm.

A diverse range of outstanding digital talent is on exhibit, including contributions from Hackatao, Cryptokitties, Larva Labs, Kevin McCoy, and others. Explore the virtual world to witness the stunning creations for yourself. All pieces are “returned” to their individual owners after the show.

A broad partnership of organizations such as Hermitage,, the Aksenov Family Foundation, Masters Digital, and has made all of this possible. The extraordinary display is currently open and will remain open through December 10th. Which will decide if Hermitage will hold further exhibitions in the future based on its popularity. So, come on in and make an impression.

Head to the Invisible Aether Exhibition >> Here


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