The Snoop Dogg Avatar Collection

Snoop Dogg is back with a new album, and this one has an NFT twist: his avatar collection.

The “sandbox” is a new type of in-game item that allows players to test their skills without fear of losing any items or money. It’s also the name of a new game available on Steam.

The Sandbox is releasing 10,000 different Doggies. In the Metaverse, it’s time to appear incredibly cool!

The Sandbox is releasing the Doggies, a collection of 10,000 Snoop Dogg Avatar NFTs created procedurally. Because each Doggy is different, there are a total of 10,000 different ways to appear stylish in the Metaverse. You may go to events and concerts, play games, hang out with pals, and explore the metaverse like a boss with your new Doggy Avatar. With the next The Sandbox Alpha Season 2, the avatars will be playable, therefore the usefulness is just around the way!

On February 22, at 10 p.m. UTC, The Doggies will be released on the Sandbox website:

Every Doggy will be minted and sold for 150 SAND per NFT, giving you the opportunity to possess one of these limited-edition Snoop Avatars as a playable character in the forthcoming Alpha Seasons. Make a big impression in Alpha Season 2 with the coolest Avatar on the block!

The Doggies are classified into many levels based on their characteristics. The Doggy becomes uncommon as the proportion of a characteristic decreases.


While two-thirds of the Avatars will be typical, there will be various other sorts of Doggies with distinct characteristics and attributes. Check out a few of them below!

  • 63 percent of the population is human.
  • 11 percent blue
  • ten percent alien
  • 7% of the population is a zombie.
  • 5% Dogg, 5% Dogg, 5% Dogg, 5% Dogg,
  • 3% of the population is made up of robots.
  • 1 percent golden

In addition to those sorts, we worked on a total of 10+ entirely unique and hand-crafted avatars, which some of the fortunate minters will be able to get.

Doggies That Are Dope

The Sandbox crew and Snoop Dogg himself collaborated on a series of cool, fresh, and funky avatars.

Doggies from the past

Discover a variety of unique avatars inspired by some of Snoop Dogg’s best hits throughout the years as you take a trip through his past.

Doggies with Character

We’ve partnered with some of the best collections in the industry to bring some 1/1 Doggies to the metaverse and make them playable in The Sandbox.



Some of the newly minted Doggies will appear in a Snoop Dogg music video, which will be shot exclusively within The Sandbox. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create Metaverse music video history – stay tuned for more information!

Obtaining Early Access

Although the Doggies sale will be accessible to the public, a select few will have the opportunity to purchase theirs ahead of the others.


On February 22nd, at 10 p.m. UTC, holders of any of the following special Snoop NFTs will have the opportunity to mint their Doggies 24 hours before the general release:

  • Snoopverse Obtaining Early Access Pass
  • Pass to the Snoop Dogg Party
  • JADU Hoverboard and JADU Jetpack
  • 200 SupDucks wallets have been chosen from their Discord server.
  • Snoop Dogg Burrow Holders from FLUF
  • Owners of the Rumble Kong League

A snapshot will be taken on 2/22/22 at noon UTC and every holder of the above NFTs will be whitelisted, giving them Obtaining Early Access to minting 1 Doggy on 2/22/22 at 10 PM UTC.


The Doggies Avatar collection is one of The Sandbox’s most unique offerings to date. Previous owners of Snoop NFTs will have unique whitelist access to the auction before it is open to the general public. Don’t miss out on your chance to possess a bit of Snoop’s digital DNA in the Metaverse!

Visit for additional information. Good luck, and we hope to see your Snoop Dogg-inspired style at The Sandbox!


The Sandbox used Mnemonic’s data to give real-time insight for Snoop Dogg’s collection, including financial performance and fan participation.

The “snoop dogg mom” is an avatar that can be purchased from the NFT Crypto. The avatar comes with a variety of different colors, styles, and accessories.

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