The Seth Green Conundrum Sets Legal Challenge to Bored Ape IP

Seth Green, who is best known for his roles in “The Golden Girls” and “Family Guy,” has taken legal action against a blockchain-based game that he says infringes on his intellectual property. The lawsuit, filed by Green’s company SGH Entertainment Inc., alleges that the Bored Ape app violates copyrights to an unreleased song of the same name. Although this isn’t a direct case of crypto being used in gaming yet, it does provide insight into what future gaming may look like with blockchain incorporated.

On the surface, NFTs seem to provide immutable and irrefutable ownership of the contents of a smart contract. So, what happens when an asset embarks on a risky voyage of grand thievery and deception? This is the dilemma that televisual producer Seth Green is presently facing, a situation that will almost certainly create a legal precedent for the industry.

Seth has spent the past six months or so working on the enormous ‘White Horse Tavern’ project, an exciting live-action televisual idea in which NFTs share and interact with the environment we live in, with Seth being the proud owner of all of the production’s assets. However, earlier in May, the show’s star, a Bored Ape named ‘Fred Simian,’ was stolen, along with other NFTs, two Mutant Apes, and a Doodle, in a wicked phishing robbery.

@BoredApeYC @GutterCatGang @veefriends @SethGreen new trailer for his new show, keep your eyes peeled @SethGreen new trailer for his new show, keep your eyes peeled @SethGreen new trailer for his new show, keep your eyes pe

May 21, 2022 — FFVV1211.eth (@FFVV1211)

Seth was putting the finishing touches on the show’s debut trailer when the yellow-bellied assault happened. Following the heist, the crafty phisherman rapidly sold the asset to crypto hermit DarkWing84, who subsequently transported it to a vault in a prudent and timely manner. Seth’s urgent cries ricochet around the Twitter network at the same time.

Seth Green will try to reach an agreeable agreement in the future, only resorting to legal action if absolutely required. Due to the nature of the transaction, the star’s IP rights, according to his legal team, remain with him.

Further investigation reveals that Seth Green got his beloved Ape from none other than Steve Aoki. A guy recognized across the business for his amazing ability to cast a curse on every NFT he comes into contact with. Keep a watch on this case since it will most likely determine the legal destiny of the NFT.


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