The Sandbox Welcomes TIME into its Ever-Expanding Metaverse

The Sandbox is the world’s first open-world sandbox game that utilizes NFTs to create a fully immersive experience. Players are able to build and explore in an ever-expanding metaverse, which has been integrated into many other games as well.

The “the sandbox news” is a blog post that introduces the new TIME token into the world of decentralized gaming. The article discusses how developers can use the token to create their own metaverse.

With a magnificent partnership with The Sandbox, renowned media outlet TIME will intensify its Web3 goals. It will take part in the construction of an opulent “TIME Square” attraction in the metaverse via its NFT arm, TIMEPieces.

The fantastic new relationship was unveiled during The Sandbox event at the NFT NYC conference in New York this year. The gigantic new location drew heavily on the city’s own Times Square for inspiration. The group’s goal is to make its revered walls the metaverse’s beating center of art and commerce.


Holders of TIMEPieces NFTs will have access to a variety of special experiences, such as crucial talks, TIME-curated events, educational opportunities, and screenings of exclusive projects, in addition to the beautiful spectacle of the voxelized world. The extensive TIMEPieces Web3 effort, which spans the whole blockchain, connects all of these events.

In addition to making the big announcement, TIMEPieces extended an open invitation to metaverse architects and builders, giving them the option to submit their ideas and contribute to the realization of this vision. Join the TIMEPieces email list, then watch for more instructions if you want to become involved.

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The “nft plazas” is a new digital asset that allows users to purchase and own a piece of the Metaverse. It’s currently only available on the NFT platform, but it will soon be available on other platforms.,

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