The Sandbox Alpha Season 2

The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 is a new in-game trading card game that will be open to the public on January 22nd and 23rd. This project follows from their initial success of “The Sandbox” which was an alpha release for testing NFTs (crypto collectibles) before launching it into Open Beta mode. The team’s goal with this project is to provide players easy access, high liquidity, and universal usability for all types of traders within the gaming market using blockchain technology

The sandbox is a new type of game that allows you to create and play with your own digital collectibles. You can use the sandbox to test out your ideas without having to worry about breaking anything or wasting money on an unfinished product.

Hello again, and welcome back to The Sandbox Alpha. We’ve been working hard, and on March 3rd at 3 p.m. UTC, a new season will begin. Prepare to go into the Metaverse once again!


  • Alpha Season 2 contains a total of 35+ experiences accessible to everyone with a free TSB account (join up today if you haven’t already)!
  • This contains 18 improved Alpha Season 1 experiences, 5 new original experiences, 4 new user-built GameMakerFundexperiences, 3 new IP experiences, and 1 brand new transportation HUB.
  • The game is now available on both PC and Mac!
  • There are 200 quests to accomplish for a chance to win the Season 2 Alpha Pass.
  • There are now more Alpha Passes available, as well as new opportunities to earn $SAND.
  • Season 2 is, in a nutshell, larger, better, longer, and free to all participants! Are you all set? We certainly are!

Everything you need to know about Alpha Season 2 is right here, including how to join, how to obtain a Season 2 Alpha Pass, and much more. Continue reading to catch up!

The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 will continue throughout March, with the big launch taking place on March 3 at 3PM UTC. You will have the opportunity to participate in over 35 different activities during this event. This features 18 improved Season 1 experiences that will include amazing redesigns and thrilling missions for Season 2. We’ve also added five new original experiences, four new Game Maker Fund-supported experiences, three new IP experiences, a new transportation HUB, and some wild Game Jam experiences to that mix.

Furthermore, this time, everyone will be able to participate in all of the activities! You read it correctly: you will be able to play all 35+ experiences featured in Alpha Season 2 even if you do not have an S2 Alpha Pass.

To clear the air, I’m a blond:ish.

Are you ready to have a good time? In Club XYZ, Blond:ish will be the resident DJ. In Club XYZ, Blond:ish has made two mixes for you to dance to. This season, you’ll want to crank up the volume and chill with Blond:ish in the Metaverse.

A Look at the Alpha Season 2 Content in More Depth

During Alpha Season 2, new experiences will be introduced every daily. This will ensure that you have enough of new stuff to enjoy during Alpha Season 2.

Three new IP experiences are available:

  • Snoop Dogg’s Foreplay: A sneak peak inside the Snoopverse of the rap icon. Snoop’s NFT collection is on display, and you’re invited! Well, kind of… By assisting visitors and establishing friends with Doberguards, you may go from no one to VIP.
  • Hong Kong’s Star Ferry Pier: The South China Morning Post’s historic archives bring to life a time-traveling tour of the city’s famed pier.
  • Celsius Online’s Missing Parts: A cup of tea on the Veranda, a romantic ride on a lovely Duck Boat, a stroll around the flower garden, and a wish at the fountain! In this multiplayer experience, the romantic trip of your dreams begins in Etheria!

The Game Maker Fund has four experiences to share:

  • Dracula’s Castle: Prepare yourself for a grim quest to rescue a cursed realm… Do you have what it takes to take on Count Dracula and his army of monsters? Will you be the hero who saves the hamlet and restores peace to the land?
  • Meta Dungeon is an RTFKT hack & slash adventure. Survive colossal enemies in subterranean dungeons and explore a cybercity to figure out what’s going on and who you are!
  • The Kingdom of the Funguys: An introduction to the Funguys’ lifestyle. In this multiplayer adventure, challenge your pals and traverse 10 biomes to uncover the mushroom alcove’s hidden mysteries.
  • Tang Dynasty Border Village: The terrible power of a demon has spread across a quiet Tang Dynasty town. Unless you rescue everyone, it will soon destroy the rest of the nation!

More Interesting Facts to Consider:

  • Blond:ish, our primary performer and resident DJ at the Club XYZ event, will shake your world. Blond:ish has released two new lengthy dance tunes that you may listen to at the club.
  • Later in the Alpha, Snoop Dogg “Doggy” Avatars will be playable, allowing their fortunate owners to flaunt some of the sharpest avatars available!
  • Rooftop à la Mode is a new fashion-themed multiplayer adventure. After a long day of NFT shopping, you’re exhausted. Why not have a rooftop party with The Sandbox’s regulars? The sun never sets here. Enjoy the Haute Couture display while meeting new people till your heart stops beating.

You may earn an S2 Alpha Pass NFT in one of three ways: by playing Alpha Season 2 with your The Sandbox account and entering the Raffle; by participating in the Alpha Season 2 Social Contests for a chance to win each week; or by buying one on the secondary market.

Owners of the Season 2 Alpha Pass may win up to $1,000 in $SAND. So keep reading for more information!

A free The Sandbox account may be created by anybody ( create one right now).

  1. By participating in the Raffle and playing Alpha Season 2:
  • During Season 2, earn Raffle Tickets by completing missions in the experiences and leveling up.
  • You have more chances to win an S2 Alpha Pass during the Raffle if you have more Raffle Tickets.
  • The Raffle will take place at the conclusion of Alpha Season 2 on March 31st, and the winners will be contacted through email.
  • Here’s where you can find out more about the Raffle.

2. By taking part in social competitions:

  • Participate in our Social Contests from March 3 to March 23 for a chance to win an S2 Alpha Pass. Like in Season 1, social daily contest activities will be offered every weekday, but this time gamers will be able to participate directly on The Sandbox website!
  • Every workday, you’ll have a new task and a tweet to complete.
  • Winners of an S2 Alpha Pass are chosen at random once a week.
  • Complete all of the tasks to increase your chances of winning!

3. By acquiring a Season 2 Alpha Pass, you will be able to:

  • Some S2 Alpha Pass holders may elect to sell their passes on OpenSea. (I know, it’s insane, right?) As a result, this will be the only method to get one. The official collection of Season 2 Alpha Passes may be found here. Keep your eyes peeled, and best of luck!

Be wary of frauds and phony Alpha Passes. To buy a Season 2 Alpha Pass, just utilize the links we offer.

We hope that this information has piqued your interest in Alpha Season 2! We really hope that you have a fantastic Alpha Season. We’ll see you soon in the Metaverse!

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