The Ronin Bridge Reopens for Business

The Ronin Bridge is a bridge between the real world and digital one. It uses blockchain to allow users on both worlds interact in ways never thought possible, creating new opportunities for businesses of all types.

The “the ronin bridge reopening” is a story of the rebuilding of the Ronin Bridge in Paris, France. The bridge was originally built in 1803 and destroyed by German forces during World War II.

The Ronin Bridge has been inactive for more than three months, but it is now operational once again. In other words, users may now move their compatible tokens between the Ronin Network and the Ethereum Mainnet once again.

On March 23, when its validators failed to deliver, Ronin entered its tumultuous phase. Seeing its formidable coffers empty of an excessive quantity of money as a result. In order to strengthen its security, the troubled firm Ronin decided to shut its bridge.

A number of audits and months of careful development later, the Ronin Bridge is once again in use. Tokens may once again be moved on and off the network by users of the company’s primary game, Axie Infinity.

The Ronin Bridge is accessible.

• The new bridge has completed two external audits and one internal audit, and all user money are completely backed 1:1 by it. • The release of Land Staking this week is still scheduled.

: xOgsZHvVGc

June 28, 2022 — Ronin (@Ronin Network)

Ronin has added additional safety measures in addition to boosting the number of validators and enhancing overall security. It has limited daily transactions, added a human supervisor to approve significant transfers, and 1:1 backed all money with the bridge to ensure security.

Now that the unpleasant matter has been resolved, Axie will go forward with more new features, the first of which is the fantastic potential provided by LAND staking, which is about to arrive in our country.

Read the full disclosure from Ronin >> Here


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