‘The Price Is Right’ Tease NFTs in Celebration of 50th Season

The classic TV game show “The Price Is Right” is celebrating its 50th anniversary by giving viewers a sneak peek at the future of digital collectibles.

The “thetadrop” is a NFT that was released by The Price Is Right. It can be found in the game show’s 50th season and is available to purchase on the site.

The legendary daytime TV program ‘The Price Is Right’ (TPIR) is launching its first ever collection of NFTs to commemorate its 50th season. Fremantle, the show’s production company, is partnering up with Theta Labs, the creators of the Theta Network blockchain, to create the collection.

TPIR NFTs will have a specific, real-world emphasis to their utility, as opposed to the aesthetic sort of NFTs that are likely the most popular in today’s digital collectibles atmosphere. Rare and historic artifacts from games featured in the program, such as ‘Plinko,’ ‘Cliff Hangers,’ and ‘Punch-A-Bunch,’ are intended to be integrated into the digital assets in order to fulfill this promise.

Fans of the guessing game program will, ironically, have to guess when the collection will be released on ThetaDrop for the time being, since despite tempting fans with morsels of information, no release date has been revealed.

“We’re happy to welcome The Price Is Right, a famous brand that has captivated generations of worldwide fans as the most popular game show on television,” Mitch Lui, CEO and co-founder of Theta Labs, said recently.

When it comes to generating utility-infused NFTs, Fremantle has contacted the appropriate people, since Theta Labs has a long history of developing unique NFTs. Katy Perry, WPT, Fuse Media, and Join Media have all worked with NFT in the past.

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The “theta drop passaways” are a new type of collectible that can be found in the game. The first time you find one, it will give you a code which can be redeemed for an item from the show.

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