The Otherside Unveils Lore Via New ‘Obelisk’ Website Tab

One of the most beloved games going, The Otherside has an upcoming website that is taking a new approach to telling stories. With “Lore” tabs and a user-friendly interface, there’s no need for lengthy reading material when you can learn all about your favorite game with just one click!

The “The Otherside Unveils Lore Via New ‘Obelisk’ Website Tab” is a website that the developers of The Otherside have created to offer an insight into the story and lore of their game. Read more in detail here: meta dao.

After keeping things under wraps since the contentious Otherdeeds NFT Land auction, Yuga Labs’ Otherside project has recently revealed further details about its metaverse ecology. 

On its website, the project has introduced a ‘Obelisk’ tab with the phrase ‘The Voyager’s Journey.’ The notions are alluding to the following sequence of lore, as stated by the project itself (through a tweet): “Fragments of an Obelisk have washed ashore in the Biogenic Swamp.” Your Otherdeed, Voyagers, is the key to helping develop the Otherside metaverse. The Otherside comes to life as we reconstruct the Obelisk.” 

The Obelisk tab, which goes along with the insight, has a roadmap-like style to it, with 11 different facets of the Otherside metaverse alluding to how Voyagers (i.e. Otherdeed holders) will be able to navigate, trade, and interact with the project’s Otherdeeds, resources, artefacts, and the ever-mysterious Kodas.

‘First Trip,’ ‘The Codex,’ ‘Koda Origins / The Decoupling,’ ‘The Growth,’ ‘The Agora,’ ‘The Dream,’ ‘The Choice,’ ‘The Settling,’ ‘The Toolkit,’ ‘The Aeronauts,’ and ‘The Rift’ are just a few of the aspects.

Although each is intriguing in its own way (while also remaining ambiguous), perhaps the most intriguing aspects of the new tab are ‘The Codex’ and ‘The Agora,’ as the former appears to be a living document of wisdom co-written by Voyagers,’ and the latter appears to be a marketplace for Voyagers to ‘buy, sell, barter, and trade’ for what they require. The Agora’s description also indicates that crafting with raw materials will be a possibility, implying that access to resources and artefacts would be required.

The team also released a 36-second ‘tech demo’ of Otherside gaming (courtesy of metaverse technology startup Improbable), which contains the 3D Bored Ape figure from the project’s first teaser film. According to the firm, such gaming is related to the Obelisk tab’s ‘First Trip’ feature.

Visit the Obelisk tab >> Here


The “The Otherside Unveils Lore Via New ‘Obelisk’ Website Tab” is the new website tab for the upcoming game The Otherside. It has been revealed that this website will be a hub of lore surrounding the game. Reference: sports betting in the metaverse.

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