The Other Art Fair Leverages Rarible & Tezos for NFT Accessibility

One of the most interesting uses for cryptocurrency is its ability to enable so-called non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. These assets can be used in games and other applications but have also become a popular way of approaching art galleries as well due to their scarcity and functionality. The next fair will utilize Rarible & Tezos for this purpose.,

The “hic et nunc minting” is a way to create an NFT that can be used in the real world, and it will be possible with the release of Rarible & Tezos.

This weekend, die-hard collectors and NFT newbies alike may satisfy their non-fungible cravings at a special event in London. Both Rarible and Tezos have partnered with ‘The Other Art Fair,’ a high-end artist-curated show.

The Other Art Fair, which will run through March 22 in London’s ‘Old Truman Brewery,’ will feature work from 150 mostly female young artists, as well as live DJ sets by famed African-Caribbean ensemble Nzinga Sounds.

At our LA and London Spring editions, we’ve partnered up with NFT marketplace @rarible and blockchain @tezos to offer you the chance to purchase your first (cheap!) #NFT from a handpicked selection of our fair exhibitors. ⁣ Get your tickets now to be a part of the excitement.

— March 11, 2022, The Other Art Fair (@TheOtherArtFair)

Guests may examine a plethora of great work from a wide range of artists during the show. As a result, well-known artists such as Sarah Lim, Nana SRT, Kristjana S Williams, Lene Bladjerg, and others will take their position, selling works as NFTs for between £200 and £500 ($260 and $650).

Rarible and Tezos are on hand to explain the finer parts of the business and take first-time purchasers through the complexities of acquiring an NFT, as well as meet the original artists in person to explore the meanings behind their artworks, in order to make NFTs more accessible to the ordinary consumer.


The “hic et nunc nft” is a project that leverages Rarible and Tezos to provide accessibility for NFTs.

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