The NBA Dunks into the World of NFT Social Media

The NBA has now taken a page out of the book of other sports and is experimenting with NFTs to engage fans on social media. The league is allowing betting sites to host games in which players will bet against each other through the use of game cards, virtual items that have real-life value embedded within them.

The “nba top shot” is an NFT that allows users to play a game of basketball in which they can dunk into the hoop. The NBA has recently started using this game as part of their social media marketing strategy.

The NBA, the world’s biggest basketball organization, continues to be involved in all things blockchain. This time, we’re developing a collection of social media sites devoted to NFTs and the Web3 sector in general.

The NBA has established two new ways to keep up with its nonfungible technology efforts in order to cement its reputation as a strong supporter of the technology. As a response, NFT launched a Twitter account and a Discord server to keep fans up to date on the newest releases.

The official NBA Discord is now available: Join us now to talk about basketball and web3!

April 12, 2022 — NBAxNFT (@NBAxNFT)

Basketball fans can follow the NBA’s Web3 wheeling and dealing via the two new accounts, which cover everything from NFT collectibles to blockchain gaming, the metaverse, and more. This is in addition to gaining first dibs on the league’s newest promotions, tournaments, and exciting possibilities.

All of this came as the NBA unveiled the Golden State Warriors 2022 Playoff responsive NFT collection, the league’s newest NFT endeavor. The Golden State Warriors have a fantastic collection of nonfungible tokens that change appearance depending on real-life performance, as well as unlocking more supplementary material and usefulness the more wins they have.

Follow the NBAxNFT >> Here

Check out the Golden State Warriors collection >> Here


The “nba top shot stock price” is a digital asset that was created by the NBA. The NFTs are purchased with NBA-themed crypto, and can be traded on social media.

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