The Music NFT Show: Pilot Episode

What are NFTs and why should you care?
Are you a musician who wants to release your music on the blockchain in a token that can be traded, shared, or used for payment?
The Music NFT Show is an Ethereum-powered podcast about how musicians are using tokens with smart contracts to get their music heard by new audiences. Listen now!

The “nfts for music artists” is a podcast that discusses the future of music, and how nfts can be used to help musicians. The pilot episode has been released, and is available on Soundcloud.

The crew is ecstatic to announce the start of The Music NFT Show to our community! This is our debut podcast program, produced in partnership with J.Thorn, a cutting-edge author, musician, and podcaster who has his finger on the pulse of all things cool in music and NFTs.

A new episode will be published every Monday, and J.Thorn and his amazing daughter Q will cover a range of NFT Music News and issues. Q will host the weekly artist spotlight and show you what’s new and hot in the world of music.

So put on your headphones and prepare for some spectacular NFT music and discussion! Take a look at the summary notes for this week’s Pilot episode below and give it a listen!

NFT Music News

  • Brian Fanzo Is Upbeat About Music NFTs – Fanzo told J. Thorn at CEX that he thinks music drops are about to get their due. Fanzo has an Ozzy Osbourne Crypto Bat, as well as various other music NFTs.
  • “Music NFTs will be 100x+ larger market than Crypto Art,” BlockchainBrett predicts. Music is the most commonly produced, disseminated, consumed, and socially shared kind of material. It’s simply taking a little longer since we’re not accustomed to placing such a high value on music.”
  • On the Mint podcast, Andre Benz said he’s positive on music NFTs and anticipates a collector’s market similar to what we’ve seen with art NFTs.
  • Madonna Releases Her First NSFW NFTs With Beeple – The NFTs feature a very nude 3D avatar of Madonna giving birth in various situations.
  • Coopahtroopa’s best music NFT source – This Week in Music NFTs

Defeating FUD

  • Instagram is working with Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow to enable NFTs.
  • The Coinbase NFT marketplace is now open for business.
  • Moonpay interacts with Metamask, so you can top up your wallet with a credit card.

Music Chart for NFT

Top of the Blocks data for this week:

  1. Snoop Dogg’s Stash Box, Snoop (weekly vol 3.66 ETH)
  2. #15 CHILDHOOD (weekly vol 3 ETH)
  3. Uprising of Gunky (weekly vol 2.25 ETH)

Q is the subject of this week’s Artist Spotlight.

#567 WE ARE KLOUD (SoundMint)

Thank you for tuning in, and don’t forget to visit to get your free VIP backstage entrance to our unique community!

Got news? Tweet @JThorn_ or use the hashtag #musicnftshow to submit news pieces or propose performers for the Artist Spotlight.

We’ll see you all again next week!



The “music nft news” is a podcast that discusses the latest news from the NFT space. The pilot episode of this show was released on June 12th, 2018.

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