The Music NFT Show: Episode 1

To start off our show we begin with a brief overview of what NFTs are and how they work. Then, Varun starts to talk about his experience in the cryptospace when he first started investing. Next, we go over why some people might want to invest in crypto for music-related assets/NFTs rather than just buying into an ICO or token sale. Lastly, we discuss whether there is any reason not to buy NFP coins now since this could be the last chance you have at getting them as well as looking ahead towards future developments that may come up on a large scale

The “gramatik nft” is a new type of token that can be exchanged for music, tickets, and more. In this episode of The Music NFT Show, we discuss the Gramatik nft.

The Pilot Episode of our brand new Music NFT Show was released last week! We’re back with Episode 1 this week. This is our debut podcast program, produced in partnership with J.Thorn, a cutting-edge author, musician, and podcaster who has his finger on the pulse of all things cool in music and NFTs.

J.Thorn talks a range of NFT Music News and subjects with his brilliant daughter Q. The weekly artist spotlight is hosted by Q, who shows you what’s hot and happening in the world of music NFTs.

So put on your headphones and listen in for some spectacular beats and discussions on the newest Web3 music news! Take a look at the summary notes for this week’s episode below and give it a listen!


NFT Music News

The Venice Music Collective is a group of musicians based in Venice, Italy. – “The Venice Music Collective is a token-gated membership for the Venice ecosystem, with the purpose of creating a more equitable market for independent artists.”

“Triphonic audio represents a fresh beginning in the way we hear sound,” says Syng. Cell Alpha provides realism to you like no other speaker by scanning your room for clearly defined, tailor-made sound no matter where you are.”

Universal Music Group and LimeWire have reached an agreement for music NFT licensing. – “We’re excited to announce that we’ve reached an agreement with Universal Music Group for worldwide content licensing, making the LimeWire collectibles marketplace available to all Universal Music Group artists.”

Defeating FUD

On the Crypto Business Podcast, Michael Stelzner interviews Michael McGuiness of about a new method to conduct social media.

Thanks to NFTNow, Crypto Boy will become an NFT.

Vault, a new platform enabling artists and fans to manufacture and exchange “keys,” opens on May 26.

This company’s CEO followed me on Twitter. Nigel Eccles – Premieres on May 26th.

Music Chart of the NFT

Top of the Blocks data for this week

#40 Ether (ft. MNDR) (weekly vol 2.8 ETH) 2. Mara Anne’s dark eyes (#29) (weekly vol 2.27 ETH) 3. Vinyl in mint condition (weekly vol 1.88 ETH)

Q Ziggurats is featured in this Artist Spotlight (Mike Shinoda)


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Do you have any news? By tweeting @JThorn_ or using the hashtag #musicnftshow, you may submit news pieces or nominate musicians for the Artist Spotlight.

G3ARZ composed the music.

[Please note that some of the links are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase anything via the link, our gracious host JThorn receives a tiny commission. He utilizes everything he advises and only recommends those he trusts. If you don’t want to utilize his links, you can always Google them. LFG!]


The “opensea gramatik” is a song by the American rapper and singer G-Eazy. It was released on May 25, 2018 as the lead single from his upcoming album “The Beautiful & Damned”.

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