The Music NFT Show: Bonus Episode 3 & Episode 4

We have a mini-series of episodes on NFTs, the first two are here: Episode 1 & 2. Here is episode 3 and 4!

The “solo music nft” is a podcast that discusses the latest news in the world of NFTs and crypto. The first two episodes are available for free on their website, and the last episode will be released soon.

Welcome back to another episode of the Music NFT Show! We’re back this week with two new episodes! This is our debut podcast program, produced in partnership with J.Thorn, a cutting-edge author, musician, and podcaster who has his finger on the pulse of all things cool in music and NFTs.

J.Thorn talks a range of NFT Music News and subjects with his brilliant daughter Q. The weekly artist spotlight is hosted by Q, who shows you what’s hot and happening in the world of music NFTs.

Episode 3 is a special interview episode in which Nigel Eccles of is interviewed. Nigel and J. explore the situation of web3 music, hardcore music fan behavior, and how Vault intends to mainstream music NFTs.

So put on your headphones and listen in for some spectacular beats and discussions on the newest Web3 music news! Take a look at the summary notes for Episode 4 below, then give it a listen!


NFT Music News

“Cooper Turley is a cryptocurrency investor and adviser. He explains all you need to know about music NFTs and why I invested $300,000 in Web3’s next big thing.” According to Turley, Web3 will witness an avalanche of new music launching natively. Despite the fact that there are still serious challenges with music NFTs, he stays optimistic.”

MusicNFT’s new streaming service, ‘Ooh La La,’ is now available — “‘Ooh La La’ is a MusicNFT streaming service that connects to a number of different MusicNFT platforms. In a single interface, you can find, stream, and interact.”

– Tweet by CarolinaMillan.eth – SnoopDogg/Gary V collab coming this autumn.

Defeating FUD

DegenDaVinci’s music NFTs are about to burst.

On, Megadeth has a creator coin.

NASA has published new Black Hole Sonifications with a Remix.

Music Chart of the NFT

Top of the Blocks data for this week

  • Vol. 2 (420 Edition) #308 Death Row Session (weekly vol 2.21 ETH)
  • Vinyl in gold (weekly vol 1.68 ETH)
  • #45 on the Sinner’s List (weekly vol 1.54 ETH)

Q is the subject of this week’s Artist Spotlight.

001st Bridge (Beat Foundry)

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G3ARZ composed the music.

[Please note that some of the links are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase anything via the link, our gracious host JThorn receives a tiny commission. He utilizes everything he advises and only recommends those he trusts. If you don’t want to utilize his links, you can always Google them. LFG!]


The “solo music app” is a new application that allows users to play, share and discover their favorite songs. This podcast discusses the app in this episode.

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