The Mousekin: Character Race #6 of 8

The Mousekin is a small race of benevolent creatures from the ancient Earth, who have since spread across many worlds. Their story has been told in a series of short stories and comics on Reddit by an individual known only as “The Author.”

The “mousefolk d&d beyond” is a character race that is part of the Mousekin series. The series will be 8 total, with each one being a race. The first 5 races are already released, and the 6th one was released in 2018.

8 races.

There are two factions.

There are six classes in all.

Important choices must be made.

We’ll be releasing information on the eight playable races in Mist’s metaverse over the coming several weeks. We will provide additional lore and history of the races as the Demo date approaches.

Each race is unique, having its own set of powers, strengths, and limitations. There are two genders in each race: male and female.

Your gaming style is determined by the race you pick. It will have an impact on your friendships. It will decide your in-game personality and identity.

This week, we’ll be focusing on The Mousekin.

The Mousekin live on the Broken Coast, on the north side of Dunia. They are a distinct race with a wide range of traits. They have a reputation for being daring. They’re sassy pirates and merchants with a sharp tongue. They are an intellectual species with an insatiable curiosity that has enabled them to tour the globe.

They are modest in stature, yet they often surprise everyone when confronted with circumstances that need courage. Some people claim that they are so attracted by adventure that they don’t feel any fear as a result of their desire to try new things. They often target other races and engage in friendly conversation with them. They may be abrasive at times. In a group environment, a Mousekin, for example, will be the first to question, “What, are you afraid?”


Mousekin are endowed with unique abilities.

They use daggers to attack quicker, have escape abilities, and their critical hits paralyze their enemy, among other things.

In a subsequent post, we’ll go through the remainder of the racial abilities in more depth.


The group experimented with three (THREE) different mousekin designs.

The Mousekin are a smaller race, but they make up for it with their flair and agility.

The Mousekin’s design process was lengthy and included several revisions. Their daring energy and individuality have to be captured by the team. We didn’t want to lose their racial qualities while preserving an aesthetic character, therefore developing a Mousekin with a humanoid body was a problem.


The First Draft

The Mouse had a drastically distinct appearance in its early incarnations.


The initial “trial” of the Mousekin is seen here. Yes, he does seem to be a bit harsh, don’t you think?


Imagine being awakened in the middle of the night by this face. We had to re-imagine and re-design the Mousekin since it wasn’t working.

We realized we needed to improve after this iteration. This did not meet our expectations.

Let’s have a look at the second variation.

a revised version

The form of the mouse’s second version started taking shape.

Finally, here are some more details:

We begin by adding some basic textures and colors:

We’re almost there:


Finally, we increase the number of polygons:


Now the a revised version is much better but it is lacking a certain quality and style, this is not our vision for Mousekin. Certainly this model didn’t represent their personality.

As a result, we moved on to the third version.

Version final


We knew we’d have to start from the beginning with the body form. The body form and posture have to resemble those of a mousekin.

The early phases of the body type are shown here.

Now that we’ve decided on a body form, it’s time to focus on the face.

This is already looking much better. Let’s add a few extra features, such as a changeable ear shape.



As you can see from the image above, we’ve added his fur as well as a variety of ear forms. We aim to provide something unique, and the crew is enthusiastic about working on and enhancing our game on a daily basis!

Texturing is the next phase. Our adorable Mousekin need texture.

One of their fur hues is seen below. Distinct locations of Mousekin have different fur hues.



Let’s place him in his native environment now that he’s all textured!


He seems to be up for an adventure!

We’ll feature our character in a few days. Any suggestions on what it is?

The “mousefolk name generator” is a tool that generates names for the mousefolk. The tool includes 8 character races, and each race has its own unique name.

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