The Mobile Exhibition Using AR to View Famous NFTs

One of the most common problems with cryptoassets is being able to properly value them. Investors need a way to know exactly what they are buying and selling, whether it’s Bitcoin or an ERC-20 token for use on ethereum. An exhibition in LA showcasing some of the top collectibles from CryptoKitties will feature AR technology that gives visitors a first-hand experience through digital assets instead of physical ones

The “spatial nft gallery” is a new project that uses augmented reality to view NFTs. The project was created by the team at ARtillry and it’s currently on display in New York City.

VERSE, a new art-tech event, brings together road trips, augmented reality, and NFTs. Beginning on the West Coast, the mobile exhibition will travel far and wide to provide metaverse aficionados with fully immersive experiences, including the opportunity to examine renowned NFTs ‘in person’ through virtual reality headsets. 

The innovative on-the-go initiative, which was cultivated through a partnership between metaverse creation platform Enklu and entertainment industry location scout Non Plus Ultra, will use Microsoft HoloLens VR headsets as a portal for guests to transport themselves into a realm of NFT, visual art, and technology togetherness. The exhibit is likely to have works by Bored Ape Yacht Club, BlockBar, Scott Musgrove, and others, so VR-voyagers may expect to witness iconic NFTs on their AR adventure. 

VERSE’s debut exhibition, ‘VERSE: Immersive NFT Exhibit,’ took place at San Francisco’s ‘Mint’ on February 3rd. The next leg on the exhibition’s schedule has been revealed as Denver, Colorado in March, but the firm is keeping the specific site of the event under wraps for the time being.

For the time being, VERSE’s secrecy in their location sharing isn’t helping those worried that the event would be limited to North America, since although we can assume that expanding the mobile event to a worldwide scale would be fantastic, it’s unclear if the notion is feasible. Let’s wait and see what happens.

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The “nft gallery app” is a mobile application that uses augmented reality to view famous NFTs. It was developed by the nftgallery team, which has been building and creating NFTs since 2014.

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