The Metapreneurs NFT Collection for Entrepreneurs

The Metapreneurs NFT Collection for Entrepreneurs is a new tokenized collection of step-by-step guides to help entrepreneurs launch their own crypto businesses. It provides access to the first ever set of curated course content on how you can build your digital asset business from scratch.

The “entrepreneurs nft” is a collection of NFTs that are designed for entrepreneurs. The NFTs are used to create an ecosystem where entrepreneurs can trade, invest, and share their ideas with the world.

Do you want to make it big as a Metaverse entrepreneur? Perhaps you have an idea but lack the necessary insider expertise or connections? Getting a metapreneurs NFT might be the key to unlocking doors.

The Metapreneurs is an NFT collection held on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC 721 (explainer below). It’s made up of 11,111 different NFTs with over 600 hand-drawn features. The non-generative assets (made by people rather than a computer program) provide you entry to a digital virtual world or metaverse populated by a select group of successful entrepreneurs and influencers.

With $6 million in sales, the Metapreneurs sale sold out quickly after it began in January.

Co-founder & CMO of The Metapreneurs, Jad Al Fakhani, stated at the time, that it is “the biggest sold-out project in Lebanon. The 3rd biggest sold-out project in the Middle East. And on the top 100 charts on Opensea worldwide.”

As of this writing, Metapreneurs has over 5620 owners and a lifetime volume of over 770 ETH. Although there has been a slowdown in the previous seven days, the current floor price is 0.07 ETH.

Mission of Metapreneurs

The group hopes to collaborate to assist holders with commercial endeavors and instill an entrepreneurial mentality. The concept is that having membership to an exclusive club with private masterminds will provide owners with several benefits and a competitive edge in the Nft ecosystem and beyond.

They claim.

“Metapreneurs is more than a collection of NFTs; it’s a platform for our holders to learn and interact with the right people at the right time.” Metapreneurs NFTs membership gives you access to an exclusive worldwide network of entrepreneurs.”

All of this will take place in ‘The winners’ circle,’ a freshly developed Metapreneur metaverse. Snoop Dogg and Nick Austin are both Metapreneurs.

The winners’ circle

The ‘Winners Club,’ which encompasses the whole metapreneurs metaverse, is part of the NFT project. This may be considered a watershed moment for the NFT project.

The goal is to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with their network of business professionals with expertise in Crypto, Web3, the NFT ecosystem, real estate, and other fields. There will also be classes taught by top entrepreneurs in these industries. Metapreneurs courses will make resources such as audiovisual material from network entrepreneurs accessible.

Usefulness of metapreneurs

A Metaverse acquisition of LAND on Decentraland for a headquarters is one of the targets on the Metapreneurs roadmap that has already been achieved. Members of the Metapreneurs metaverse may vote on changes here. The

The Strategy

  • Every month, the community will host a ‘Accelerator,’ during which Metapreneurs may pitch their ideas, initiatives, and e-commerce to a select number of investors. Furthermore, a community wallet fund will be established for the greatest community initiatives.
  • After then, holders of metapreneur NFTs will have access to a unique Metapreneurs Web3 platform. You’ll be able to leverage top-of-the-line resources and tools to help your company develop on the platform. This contains crypto, blockchain, NFTs, e-commerce, and other resources.
  • The next step is to combine your Metapreneur NFTs to boost their value and produce unusual NFTs.
  • The Metafather will now provide the ‘Formula’ to holders at the halfway point of the announced Roadmap. The Formula is introduced to the metapreneur NFT by the owner. This unlocks a 3D version that the owner may use as their virtual identity in the Metapreneurs metaverse.

They plan to contribute $50,000 to an educational organization and add a retail store to the Metapreneur Web3 platform at this time. You may get 3D miniatures of your NFT here. The portal is only accessible to holders of the digital asset.


More advantages

Ownership of one of these one-of-a-kind digital assets comes with additional benefits, such as invitations to special events in key cities and the ability to stake your digital assets to earn $TOKEN. Owners may customize their Metapreneur NFT using $TOKENs by adding qualities created in collaboration with artists.

In addition, Metapreneurs get access to an exclusive Mastermind in Bali, the entrepreneur’s paradise.

Concerning ERC 721

ERC 721 is an open standard that explains how to create non-fungible tokens on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchains. The NFT interoperability standard is what it is.

The ERC 721 tokens, when used in conjunction with a blockchain, provide evidence of validity. The authentication of metapreneurs NFTs provides value and protects intellectual property rights.


Metapreneurs might be a new NFT initiative. This collection of 11,111 treasures, on the other hand, is jam-packed with useful items. This, along with the opportunity to build business networks and engage with investors and customers, may make this a winner.

You can learn more about metapreneurs by visiting their website or following them on Twitter.

As an example:

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The “metapreneur nft mint price” is a collection of NFTs, which are non-fungible tokens. They can be used to represent any asset or ownership claim on the Ethereum blockchain. This includes items such as cars, houses and even other cryptocurrencies.

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