The Flower-Inspired NFT Art Exhibition from 1stDibs

The exhibition is a new take on the digital art world. Collectable ‘flowers’ are created that exist only in-game and never actually leave their universe, so no one can touch them or steal them from each other. The blockchain based edition of the artwork will allow for future iterations of update such as color variations for flowers to be developed via token staking mechanisms.,

The “1stdibs art” is a project that was created by the team at 1stDibs. It has been inspired by flowers, and it includes an exhibition of NFT art.

1stDibs, a leading marketplace for remarkable design, is best recognized for selling high-end furniture, jewelry, and art. Auctions and NFTs are two more strings to the company’s sumptuous bow. The 1stDibs NFT art marketplace is a continuation of the brand’s objective to encourage curation, quality, and authenticity, which has led it to become a prominent destination for individuals seeking the most beautiful things on earth, with a monthly curated exhibition program showcasing top CryptoArtists. 

‘BL00M,’ the company’s April NFT art show, features Spanish transdisciplinary Ignasi Monreal, as well as four other famous CryptoArtists. Despite the fact that the seven individual artworks are the result of five separate brains, they will all be centered on the human relationship to nature, with the world of flowers acting as the exhibition’s focal point. 

The NFTs

Monreal’s nine works are based on the classic Poppy, Lotus, and Tulip flowers, with each piece aiming to combine natural marvels with human beings’ apparently random difficulties. 

Monreal has chosen two methods to do so, the first of which is to use three flowers that have a deep connection to human existence – the poppy alludes to opium, and thus the addictive nature of cryptocurrency exchanges, the lotus flower is a symbol of purity and spiritual awakening, as well as prosperity and success, and the tulip flower represents ‘financial bubbles’ created by human beings, referencing the ‘tulip mania’ of Holland in the 17th century

Monreal’s second strategy is his notion of a “dynamic digital garden,” which is undoubtedly one of the most innovative NFT ideas to date. This is because each artwork portrays the ever-changing dynamics of this thing we term “crypto” by enabling its floral artwork to bloom when the asset is sold, or wilt when the market is barren. Other symbolic implications will be added in the artworks, like as shifting sky and buzzing insects, which will assist you understand the status of the crypto market by tapping into your floral intuition.


NO GHOST, a London-based animation company, helped Monreal produce all nine of his unique, colorful, and ever-dynamic designs. The other NFTs in ‘BL00M’ are from a diverse group of artists who share 1stDibs and Monreal’s interest for combining poetry and art, as well as human existence and flowers. 


With a lady leaning into a vintage automobile inside an oasis of flowers, London-based artist CoverArtGuy’s ‘What a Beautiful Place to Breakdown’ has a soothing feel. The contrast of an automobile and nature, according to the artist, represents the necessity to take a step back and adapt while navigating the often unconscious human experience. 


SOULPAINTS’ ‘Child of Light’ shows a Gustav Klimt-inspired angel surrounded by cosmic symbols that symbolize the sun, moon, earth’s orbit, and a sunflower at the same time. The title of the piece is code for’student of knowledge,’ a key concept from hermetic philosophy in the 17th century.


‘Bedroom View,’ a futurist, anime-esque dreamscape by German artist Aris Roth, portrays an eye-catching female figure who looks to be empowered by the flower-abundant surroundings around her.


Shay the Surrealist’s last work, ‘Wild Thoughts,’ is a metaphorical interpretation that shows a silhouette of a young man’s head turned into a Northern Renaissance-style collage. A variety of flowers, fruits, and a hummingbird are contained inside the contents of the man’s head, each of which delicately depicts the most prominent portions of a human’s neck and skull.


BL00Auction M’s

The auction that bears the collection’s name is nominally open, but each asset’s original reserve price must be met before the auction clock starts ticking. The reserve price will vary from 1.0000 (£2,290) to 4.0000 (£9,160) depending on the artwork in question. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Other 1stDibs NFTs Initiatives 

BL00M is 1stDibs’ 11th NFT show, therefore there are many of prestigious digital art options on the site. The displays are also influenced by a diverse range of creative techniques, including ‘net art,’ actual and surreal 3D animations, music creation, formal features of the digital canvas, and themes like escapism,’metaglyphs,’ portals,’strange worlds,’ and more. 

Many of the artworks from such exhibits have already been snapped up by Web3 art collectors via auction. However, not everything is sold out, so keep an eye on 1stDibs’ exhibition page to see what catches your eye. 

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The “NFT Art Exhibition from 1stDibs” is an art exhibition that features flower-inspired NFT artwork. The event will be held on October 6th, 2018. Reference: where to buy nft art.

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