The Empowering Mural NFT Offering From Third Rail Art

An exciting new asset class, NFTs have already started exploring the boundaries of what can be traded in this industry. However, many artists and developers are limited by traditional marketplaces, so one company is offering a solution to that problem: Third Rail Art.

The “nft art for sale” is an offering from Third Rail Art. The Empowering Mural NFT Offering From Third Rail Art allows users to buy a limited edition artwork that will be used to make the world a better place.

NFT-4-GOOD is a project of Third Rail Art, an emerging cultures incubator that uses Web3 technology to show the world the beauties of a distant Mexican arts festival. More precisely, the non-profit initiative entails collaborating with a section of the Akumal Arts Festival’s 100 artists to convert their murals into digital artwork NFTs.

NFTs for Murals

The 2022 collection of Akumal Arts Festival NFTs will be released on its own NFT platform on June 10th at 4PM EST, as well as being shown at Decentraland. It contains 18 animated NFT murals by 20 artists, each with two versions (so 36 in total).

Each NFT is planned to be imbued with a brilliant, colorful, and narrative animation, which will be generated by on-chain mural experts Cryptic Gallery, however the exact details have yet to be revealed.

The NFTs will be available for purchase in $MATIC and will be stored on the Polygon blockchain. From here, 85% of each primary sale will go to the Akumal Cultural Foundation to fund community programming, with the remaining 15% going toward construction expenditures.

To empower local artists even further, they will also receive a 10% royalty share on every secondary market sale of their two NFTs for Murals.

At the Akumal Arts Festival, Konstance Patton is creating a mural.

The Showcase of Decentraland

Third Rail intends to introduce as many metaverse explorers as possible to the enchantment generated in the little village of Akumal by showing the murals in Decentraland (-26,140). Users who were previously ignorant of the initiative may now visit the exhibition, where they can learn about the Akumal Cultural Foundation, its annual arts festival, and NFT-4-GOOD, an innovative and socially beneficial enterprise.


The event will be held in a two-story open-air arena that will serve as a virtual doorway into Akumal itself. Photos of each of the 18 paintings will be set on the gallery’s white walls, framed by a lush palm tree and vivid blue sky backdrop.

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