The Crystal Method to Drop First Major Music Video NFT

The Crystals will release their first major music video, via a new game that uses NFTs to play out the song.

The “makersplace nft” is a new cryptocurrency that was created by the Crystal Method. The currency is used to fund music videos and other creative projects.

The Crystal Method, a Las Vegas-based electronic music outfit, is preparing to release their debut big label music video, NFT. The music video in question is for the band’s new lead song, ‘Watch Me Now,’ and it will be auctioned off on MakersPlace, the leading online marketplace for rare and unique digital artworks.

On April 26th, at 3:30 p.m. PT, the NFT will be released. A limited edition animation and an open edition cell from the video will also be given to the auction’s fortunate winner.

The film is a one-of-a-kind visual experience that depicts a love letter to the band’s home state of Nevada via a creative combination of 2D, 3D, black-and-white, and vibrant color animations. As a result, a story of a dishevelled lady being dumped off in the nearby Californian Mojave desert emerges, leading to her summoning the abilities of her ‘Crystal Ship,’ which she then uses to wreck havoc on Area 51 before chasing down The Crystal Method’s tour bus.

In anticipation of the landmark drop, the act’s co-founder Scott Kirkland has spoken on his excitement for the project, where he also adds a nod to the artist behind the video’s artwork: “My first NFT release is a collaboration with the brilliant animated artist Micah Monkey and will be dropping on April 26th. Micah has created an epic and exhilarating visual companion for my rousing riff driven new single, “Watch Me Now” feat Koda & VAAAL. As the lyrics state, ‘This Ain’t No Joke!’”


The “how to sell on makersplace” is a new method that has been introduced by the Crystal Method. The band has decided to release their first major music video, which will be available for purchase as an NFT on the Makersplace marketplace.

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