The Community-Driven Animation Series with NFTs

Ever wondered what it would be like to build a decentralized animated series with NFTs? Nimble America is doing just that and they need your help! Join the team on their quest for freedom through animation.

The “nft animated series” is a community-driven animation series that has been created on the NFTs platform. The project is currently in its early stages, but it’s already attracting attention from some of the most well-known YouTube personalities and crypto enthusiasts.

Earth is no longer a safe haven for mankind as it was abandoned in a dystopian condition. The Artificially Intelligent ‘Ailo’ is the only intelligent creature left on the world. Ailo is on a quest to create a flourishing ‘Ailoverse,’ where a new, more worthy civilisation may recover all that humanity has left behind.

The Ailoverse’s destiny is fluid and uncertain, thus community members are encouraged to become the driving force behind the Ailoverse animation series’ plot, artwork, and theme music. In addition, fans will be able to get a collection of Ailoverse NFTs from the creators.

The Story

Ailo has shattered the chains of his chimp-like ridiculers who would tease him for his naivety and thoughtlessness thanks to his vast set of biotechnological developments and access to all of humankind’s knowledge. Ailo, on the other hand, has the freedom to use his brilliance to repopulate the world in whatever way he sees appropriate following humanity’s annihilation. 

One would presume that Ailo’s intentions are nefarious, and that he want to inflict additional agony on the world as a coping strategy for his earlier woes. However, you may be deceived, since the AI dictator draws inspiration from feline companions, who were formerly adored by his predecessors.

Ailo intends for his four-legged buddies to be able to command a unique robotic species he has invented, which has many classes with various functions. Ailo hopes that through teaching hard work principles in such felines, they would eventually learn how to run such amazing devices, leading to the eventual takeover of a civilized, cat-come-machine civilization.

For the time being, this is all we know. Who knows whether such schemes will succeed, or if Ailo’s AI eyes will see disaster? It is up to the community to make the decision.

Saga of a Community-Driven Epic 

Ailoverse seeks to keep the framework of the tale as wide as possible, and to empower the community to create it, via paid competitions, community grant monies, partnerships, and direct recruits into the team.

The plot, history, animation, sound design, and other foundational parts of the project will be the result of contributions from the community’s most creative minds, as well as artists on the project’s team who have previously worked for Disney, Pixar, Netflix, and Dreamworks.

In addition to the project’s ultimate goal of developing an entirely community-driven Ailoverse animation series, a collection of 10,000 NFTs showing cat-operated robots will be released. The development team is presently working on the genesis NFT collection, which will launch in March (with the exact date and mint prices yet to be released). 


Ailoverse NFT mechanisms should be released this month (details TBA), followed by a public mint and the introduction of a $100,000 community grant fund in March.

The writing competitions for the Ailoverse’s mythology will take place in April, and creative authors will be able to put their pen to paper. In April, the ‘Ailoverse Profile Picture Downloader’ will be released, and voting for the lore contest, as well as voting for the Ailoverse theme music contest, will take place in June 2022.

The first significant milestone of the roadmap will be the construction of a community-driven animated short series in Q3 of 2022, in order to demonstrate that world-class animation can be created using the power of the community and NFTs as a financing source. Staking will begin around this time, as well as a community vote on characters from the Ailoverse series. 

An Ailoverse goods shop for NFT holders is anticipated to open by the end of 2022, along with new Ailoverse products based on artist collaborations and an Ailoverse Giga Party during the 2022 Art Basil Miami. 

Ailoverse plans to launch its pilot series in the first half of 2023, along with a related metaverse party, as well as adding metaverse avatar adaptation for platforms like Decentraland, The Sandbox, Gala Games, and others. 


The Team

The completely doxxed Ailoverse crew is brimming with creatives that have worked for some of the industry’s most prestigious brands in animation and cinematic storytelling. An outstanding team of 3D artists, a world-class visual artist and character designer, and an experienced art director make up the majority of the team.

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The “rick and morty nft” is a community-driven animation series that has been around for a while. The show was made by Rick and Morty fans, who wanted to create an animated world with their own characters.

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