The Best NFT To Buy Right Now – Our #1 Pick For 2022

In the last few years, NFTs have been all over the place. There are thousands of different types and a growing number of investors looking for that perfect investment or trade. The future is unclear but one thing is certain: crypto will continue to grow and evolve in new ways making it an increasingly popular asset class.

The “best nft to buy 2022” is a popular topic for many people. The “NFTs Crypto” is one of the most popular places to find out about what’s trending in the crypto market.

Women We Love, the next top NFT selection for 2022, has just opened their mint to the general public after the presale ran out, and its new public holders are already enjoying stratospheric profits after minting.

Another reason for the collection’s popularity is that its robust sales profit sharing mechanism rewards its holders by transferring Ethereum back to them.

The good news is that some of its new owners are already minting “The Angel,” the most sought-after NFT in the collection.

These Angels are already being re-listed for sale on Opensea for an incredible 10 ETH ($34,000), which is 200 times the initial mint price of just.05 ETH ($170).

One of these “Angels” has even been found in the Sandboxgame’s wallet.

Angel – Women We Admire

Making An “Angel” Coin

If you mint or hold a “Angel” NFT, you will be entitled to a part of the Women We Love collection’s secondary market revenues, making it very valuable.

The holder gets the profit-sharing % through Ethereum, which is delivered straight to their Angel NFT wallet.

Angels are identifiable by their translucent skin.

The Women We Love NFT collection has been seen in the wallets of some of the world’s most influential collectors, including Justin Bieber, Randi Zuckerberg, and a slew of other well-known collectors.

The-Best-NFT-To-Buy-Right-Now-Our-1NFTs Justin Bieber

What is the benefit of profit sharing?

For example, the secondary market sales of another female NFT collection, World Of Women, have already surpassed $220 million (63,000 ETH). Profit sharing for the holders becomes a highly profitable proposition as a result of this.

The team is also making work on the roadmap, having already airdropped random wallets and donated to the WWL community fund to mark the achievement of the plan’s first milestone ahead of time.


More Holder Advantages

Other feminine characteristics in the collection come with advantages for their owners, which will be disclosed once the collection sells out in the public mint. Airdrops, events, and eth giveaways are just a few of the perks.

1649669391_873_The-Best-NFT-To-Buy-Right-Now-Our-1Hollywood Women We Admire

Owners of Intellectual Property Rights

Owners of Women We Love have complete IP ownership on their NFT.

They may use their NFT as a marketing platform or logo to create companies, enterprises, and goods.

The Team

The Women We Love operations and marketing team has previously worked with major blockchain companies like as Binance and has also been a member of a number of other very successful NFTs initiatives.

The Official Website – – Has Launched Public Minting.

Visit to learn more about Women We Love.

As an example:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What NFT should I buy in 2022?

A: I am not sure exactly what you are looking for but there is a lot of NFT that has been on the market. A few examples would be Crypto Kitty, Pepe Cash and even Doge coins!

What is the most popular NFT right now?

A: In July 2019, the most popular NFTs are CryptoKitties.

What is the best crypto NFT?

A: I am not sure, but you might want to consider looking into the Decentraland token (LAND), which is a digital land on their platform.

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