The ApeCoin DAO Has Spoken

In a recent Reddit post, the ApeCoin (APX) team released their vision for the future of NFTs and how they plan to make them more accessible. The project has become one of the most talked about decentralized applications on Ethereum in 2018, so it is exciting to see what comes next.

The “bored apes nft” is a token that has been created by the ApeCoin DAO. The tokens are used to reward content creators on the Apecoin platform.

The ApeCoin DAO has opted to keep $APE on the Ethereum network after weeks of debate and analysis, citing security, complexity, and cost as the primary reasons for the decision.

After a catastrophic Otherside debut in April, uncertainty reigned supreme and petrol prices skyrocketed. As a result, Yuga Labs, the project’s creator, argued that it would need its own chain to grow adequately. Since then, there has been much debate over how this may happen and how best to deal with it.

In the most recent development, user BAYC 2491 proposed why the project should stay on Ethereum. Following that, a hard-fought triumph for those in favor saw a large advantage vanish when a slew of ApeCoin whales entered the game. In the end, however, they prevailed with a majority of 53.62 percent in favor of staying and 46.38 percent against.

Overall, 7.1 million ApeCoin holders voted, demonstrating that the bulk of tiny investors in the currency preferred to stay on Ethereum. Those with bigger portfolios, on the other hand, favored the possibility of switching to a different network.

Further chain migration ideas will be put on hold for a three-month grace period. Following that, community members will be allowed to make further suggestions on the subject.


The “bayc nft price” is an NFT token that is used to trade a variety of items and services. The ApeCoin DAO has spoken, and it’s time for you to get in on the action.

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