TerraZero Complete Ambitious Real Estate Acquisition in Decentraland

In the virtual world, there are no boundaries to what developers can create. In 2019, in-game real estate has taken a step further with TerraZero Ltd., an international decentralized company that owns digital property and is attempting to build its own crypto economy within Decentraland by buying up parcels of land while encouraging players to invest in their properties. The venture aims at inspiring innovation and financial success through the economies built on blockchain technology.

TerraZero is a company that is working on acquiring real estate in Decentraland. The company has been successful in the acquisition of two properties, and plans to continue with their process. Read more in detail here: virtual real estate.

TerraZero Technologies, a vertically integrated metaverse technology business, has purchased a 185-parcel virtual real estate parcel in the Decentraland metaverse. The parcel, which was sold by well-known Decentraland entrepreneur Carl Fravel for $2,775,000, will be utilized to construct a big entertainment center.

Fravel’s involvement to TerraZero’s virtual creation does not end with his sale; he has subsequently been hired as a strategic adviser by the firm. Fravel will contribute his metaverse operations knowledge to TerraZero’s increasing range of goods and services, including the company’s construction of a metaverse studio, which will enable it to expand even further throughout the Web3 ecosystem. 

The firm and Fravel will work together to create a completely holistic and immersive hub where Decentraland users may enjoy virtual concerts, film screenings, shopping, cultural, and educational events at the future TerraZero entertainment center.

“The prospects inside the Metaverse of value to mankind are boundless,” Fravel said of his new relationship with TerraZero. “I can’t wait to help support and expand TerraZero, a firm whose vision, leadership, and ethics I have deeply appreciated.” I’m ecstatic to be a major stakeholder in TerraZero, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Metaverse’s future develop.”

TerraZero has also purchased leading NFT marketing platform BEAR NFT, which will diversify the company’s virtual footprint across the metaverse even more with the help of its metaverse studio, in addition to its grand virtual land acquisition (which is one of the largest real estate sales in Decentraland history).

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