Team17 Cancel ‘MetaWorms’ NFT Project Amid Community Backlash 

This week it has been announced that Team17 have cancelled their MetaWorms project, amid a backlash from the community which caused them to abandon the idea.
The reason for this decision comes down to differing views on how NFT assets should be designed and delivered in-game, with some people feeling that traditional means of real-world trading was central to success.
In light of these differences, Team 17 decided they could not carry out the game’s development as originally planned – meaning players will never get an opportunity purchase or trade any collectibles in this game.
Here we take a look at why blockchain technology may well present challenges around NFT design and distribution models going forward.

Team17 has announced that it will be canceling the “MetaWorms” NFT project amid community backlash. The game was going to be released on the 23rd of December, but the company decided to cancel it before release due to issues with the community.

The makers of the popular indie game ‘Worms,’ Team17, have had a busy week. They just revealed their ambitions to launch ‘MetaWorms,’ their first NFT project. However, owing to widespread opposition from other partners and the community, the team decided to abandon the project (at least for the time being?).

The idea was to sell limited-edition, environmentally friendly computer-generated artworks created by Reality Gaming Group, an NFT partner, with a portion of the proceeds going to Refeed Farms, a worm bed investment initiative run by NFT sustainability firm Coin 4 Planet.

On the MetaWorm website, as well as on social media promotional posters, there were hints of a 3D, glitter-covered version of the iconic worm artwork. 

However, prior to the project’s public announcement on January 31st, numerous teams inside Team17 were ignorant of the company’s plans to launch it. Furthermore, some people were allegedly made aware of the intentions after an official agreement was reached; nonetheless, their opposition to the proposal was disregarded, and the announcement went through.

Disapproval for the proposal has been generally recognized throughout the game’s social media channels since the intentions were announced to Worms fans via the announcement. The uproar around the project is considered to have erupted as a result of the implication it makes, since the potential of NFTs invading the independent gaming arena is still something that many people are wary about.

“Team17 is licensing the Worms brand to our newest third-party partner so they can develop collectable digital artwork based on one of the most popular IPs in indie gaming, in a similar fashion to currently available physical items,” a spokeswoman for Team17 said. In any of its indie games label products, Team17 has no intentions to include NFTs or play-to-earn NFT features.” 

Despite this, the firm sent the following regrettable tweet:

The MetaWorms NFT project has come to an end, as announced by Team17 today.

We’ve listened to our Teamsters, development partners, and gaming communities, as well as the concerns they’ve voiced, and have decided to withdraw from the NFT market.

February 1, 2022 — Team17 (@Team17)

So we can reasonably assume that the alliance was unable to persuade fans to support the project, and it has now been abandoned.


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