Tamago Redefines Music Streaming with Excellent Paramida NFT Drop

Tamago is an excellent music streaming platform that has been getting a lot of press recently. There’s one thing they can do to make the overall experience better, though: release Paramida as their own NFT drop.

Tamago is redefining music streaming with the introduction of a new NFT called “Paramida”. This NFT will allow artists to create their own tokens for their songs. The token can then be used as an alternative to purchasing music. Read more in detail here: nft for music.

While companies like Spotify and Apple Music continue to operate in the stone age, one tenacious upstart aims to revolutionize the streaming sector. In order to envision a more equitable and promising future for the music industry, Tamago has cleverly used NFTs and WEB3 technology. This has created an incredible potential for the platform and the artists as well as for music lovers and casual users.

Tamago wants to participate in a clear and transparent income system via the use of its magnificent new platform. Consequently, enabling producers to properly monetize their work while also enabling collectors to make money via playlist curation.

As it begins to find its footing, Tamago has released the first in a series of 1 of 1 music NFTs, which is a phenomenal asset with multi-layered functionality, supported by outstanding artwork, and featuring unique new content from renowned DJ and producer, Paramida.

Exclusive Paramida NFT Auction by Tamago

In order to add a little more flair to the proceedings, Tamago has teamed up with Paramida, one of the greatest names in the dance music business, and will auction off an exclusive, unpublished track from her upcoming Moonrise VII EP.

As a consequence, interested parties will place a bid for a limited-edition “dubplate” of the whole Moonrise EP, a special artwork, and an exclusive NFT copy of the song “Kalitya’s Theme.” The final victor will also provide all ‘Love on the Rocks’ events for the rest of the year to guests. Including a ticket to the ‘Love International’ festival on Croatia’s hidden love island party this summer.

Music lovers have from now until 7:30pm ET on July 14 to make their bids count and grab a piece of this amazing activity. The NEAR token is used in the auction, which is held on Tamago’s own own Tamastream platform.

Join in the excellent auction >> Here


How Everything Works

Tamago aims to establish a thriving new music-based community with its brilliant new steaming technology. This allows fans to interact on a deeper level and artists to get their rightful rewards. As a result, producers may monetize their work by selling NFTs to their fan base and receiving a certain proportion of royalties in addition to a transparent payment mechanism related to the streaming of their music. Then, platform users may use those NFTs to create their own playlists and get a cut of the money.

Future expansion of Tamago’s unique 1/1 NFT project will include a handful of high performers. As a consequence, this summer will see the release of great music from legendary rapper Tyga and house artist Felix da Housecat.

Despite being relatively new to the market, Tamago has already gathered 700 regular users, 1000 songs, and 45k minutes of material broadcast, all using the fast and efficient NEAR blockchain.

Start streaming right now on Tamastream >> Here


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