Success By Design: Introducing Koncepted

Koncepted is a gaming company that uses crypto-tokens to build games for companies and consumers. Koncepted has developed six games so far, with more in development:
1) A game about bullfighting called “Bull Run”
2) A LARP (Live Action Role Playing Game) called “Shadowlands”
3) An interactive story where you play as different characters from the Harry Potter books, which also includes an app version of each book on your phone or computer!
4) Another game about bulls, this time featuring Spanish fighting bulls known as “Toros de Fuego” 5)”A new take on political thrillers set in Ferguson Missouri,” will be released soon. 6)”The Gilded Age,” an RPG/Strategy hybrid set during the Civil War era will release next year.

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Good morning, Seedify Community!

We’re thrilled to present and welcome Koncepted as our newest partner today!

Seedify will be able to boost and extend the services and value supplied to the blockchain gaming companies incubated and launched via the Seedify platform as a result of Koncepted’s partnership.

Koncepted is a full-stack Web3 design firm that provides complete design solutions for developing and sustaining a successful business in the digital age. Through a variety of membership packages, the platform delivers quick return times and high-quality services, enabling customers to choose the plan that best suits their budget and demands.

Top designers, as well as professional project and art directors, are provided by Koncepted to meet the unique needs of each customer. Web and mobile UI/UX design, blockchain gaming and NFT concept art, marketing and promotional creatives, branding and art direction, 3D and 2D motion design, and more are among the platform’s design services.

Web3, finance, e-sports, technology, and entertainment are all areas in which the team excels. Seedify’s current gaming-inspired design is the result of a long-term work with Seedify as a Koncepted client. Aradena, a high-profile blockchain gaming enterprise that Seedify is developing, is another client.

Koncepted will expose Seedify to early and launch stage GameFi projects for incubation and launch services as part of this cooperation. All of the Seedify ecosystem’s advantages will be available to these initiatives, including advisory services, industry partners and marketing networks, as well as the Seedify IGO and NFT Launchpads.

Seedify will also expose Koncepted to companies in the incubation and launch stages that need design services, allowing them to use the company’s valued full-stack design service platform.

Seedify and Koncepted, as partners, will be able to cooperate and offer blockchain gaming ventures with critical design, branding, and marketing services, as well as accelerated launches, in order to foster brand awareness, market penetration, and acceptance.

“We have already had the opportunity to work with Koncepted and have seen firsthand the level of care and value they bring to their customers. Seedify is happy to collaborate with Koncepted and provide our clients with the opportunity to benefit from their team’s exceptional skills and vision. We’re excited to work with Koncepted to give new blockchain gaming projects with solid creative solutions and services in order to further innovation, as well as the development and acceptance of blockchain gaming.”

Seedify’s Founder/CEO, Levent Cem Aydan

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