Stickmen Toys – The Utility-Enabled NFTs from Bose & Warner Records

The first artists to use blockchain technology in the music industry are using it as a way of distributing their exclusive content. But they’re not just supplying songs and albums, they’re also creating new collectibles that can be bought or traded with crypto-currency.

The “NFTs” are Utility-Enabled NFTs from Bose & Warner Records. They are the first non-fungible tokens to be backed by a utility, not just an asset. The “NFTs” can be used in games and apps, as well as for trading on exchanges. Read more in detail here: where to buy nft tokens.

Bose, a leader in the audio equipment market, and Warner Records are collaborating to release the NFT compilation “Stickmen Toys.” The Stickmen Project, as the name indicates, is the production team behind the project, which also has audio-visual components created with assistance from Kapsule and Probably Nothing.

Each of the 5,000 utility-enabled items in the collection has a distinctive 30-second track that was created using a variety of bass lines, rums, melodies, and sound effects that were initially created by The Stickmen Project.

Each item will include a distinctive Bose-themed avatar with hand-painted qualities on the visual side of things. Holders will have access to future exclusive products from the collaboration as well as a complimentary set of Bose x Stickmen Toys QuietComfort45 headphones or SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speakers on the tangible side of things. 

The NFTs will also provide holders the ability to exercise control over the project’s course. Additionally, holders will have complete IP rights over their NFTs, enabling them to capitalize on the asset’s audio-visual capabilities for commercial usage, in keeping with a model popularized by companies like Yuga Labs.    

On a TBA date, the NFTs will become available on the project’s website and will be free to mint in line with its goal of fostering community empowerment, loyalty, and trust. The initiative will compensate its artists by giving them all secondary sales earnings as no money will be made from the mint. 


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