Staking Hub: New projects are getting ready to join in the fun.

The first of many Staking Hub introductions. This is a place where you can find the latest projects related to NFTs and Cryptocurrency that are being developed on Ethereum.

The “r-planet” is a new project that has just joined the Staking Hub. It’s an interesting project to watch.

Greetings, members of our community. Following the debut of the Staking Hub and the R-Governance section on February 15th, a few queries about the project listing procedure surfaced. We produced this essay to respond to them and to clarify what is currently taking place.


For the time being, we can separate the collections we’re dealing with into three categories:

  • Previously mentioned collections in the R-Planet Staking System;

Those projects were instantly added to the whitelist and are now accessible for voting and staking in the Staking Hub.

  • collections that have been awaiting inclusion in the R-Planet Staking System since before Staking 2.0 was released;

Those projects were instantly added to the whitelist, have already been posted in the Staking Hub, and are open for voting and staking.

  • collections that submitted for Staking 2.0 and satisfied all of the whitelisting criteria

So far, we’ve had 78 applications, which we’re quite pleased with! Nonetheless, every application requires time for revision. We’ve gone through more than 90% of the collections thus far. Their owners will get our notification by email shortly, along with advice on what they should do next. We’ll be steadily adding collections and advertising them on social media. So turn on your alerts and keep your eyes peeled!

We appreciate your patience and are working hard on new project applications so that we can begin adding them to the Staking Hub at the start of next week.

Another item that has sparked a lot of debate in the community is the $25 million Project Support Fund and how it is distributed among the projects.

The team decided to use a customized method to make this procedure as clear as feasible. As a result, a portion of this will be utilized as a vote from the team, and will go to the initiatives that contribute the most to community growth while also showing visible support on social media.

We’re still working on the specifics and will disclose all of the regulations later.

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