Sorare Adds MLS to its Football NFT Hype

NFTs are becoming the next big thing in gaming, but they can be hard to find. Sorare is helping with a new MLS Crypto collectible card game that’s easy-to-play and designed for fans of all skill levels.

Sorare has just announced that it will be adding MLS to its Football NFT Hype. This is great news for soccer fans and investors alike.

After stating its intention to incorporate new and emerging technologies last year, Major League Soccer (MLS) has officially signed a multi-year contract with Sorare, a famous football trading card NFT platform. NFTs for all 28 MLS teams and players will be released in the future, and they will be sold and exchanged using cryptocurrencies or credit cards.

In addition to the tradability of Sorare’s football trading cards, the next MLS-based NFTs will be able to be distributed in fantasy leagues among the platform’s 1.5 million global participants, with card data based on real-life performances.

“I think (digital) collectibles on their own are a really exciting opportunity,” said Chris Schlosser, MLS’s Senior Vice President of Enterprise Ventures, “but generally we’re starting to see more and more in this NFT-as-utility space where people want to use their NFTs to do things, and that’s what Sorare figured out early on.”

Despite the fact that the football (or soccer) scene in the United States is still considered a developing phenomena, particularly in compared to Europe’s stronghold on the sport, a Sorare spokesman has disclosed that North America is already a top market for the project.

With this in mind, Sorare expects that adding the US domestic league to its already-existing eight leagues would not only raise the project’s reputation in the area, but also expedite the sport’s overall development.


The “nft soccer moments” is a game that has been released by Sorare to promote the upcoming World Cup. It is an interactive football game where players can buy and sell their favorite players from different teams.

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