Solice Genesis Avatar NFT Guide

In recent years, the personal digital avatar has become an increasingly popular form of expression. With the advent of blockchain-powered games such as CryptoKitties and Etheremon becoming more mainstream, it’s now a viable option for players to create their own NFTs that can be traded on decentralized exchanges like Ethereum or tokenized in nonfungible tokens (NFTs) through virtual reality platforms.

The “where to buy nft tokens” is a guide that will show you how to get started with the Solice Genesis Avatar NFT. This guide will also provide information on where to purchase these NFTs.

Solice is ecstatic to announce that our genesis avatar NFTs will be available soon! Solice’s avatar NFTs are high-resolution animated 3D models that represent users in the Solice Metaverse.

Maya, 3DMAX, and Blender were used to design and create the avatars. The team also ensured that the avatars were compatible and that they followed the users’ movements while immersed in Virtual Reality environments.


Fire Dweller’s Draft



Mad Scientist’s Draft


For the users that want to join the Solice Metaverse without an avatar NFT, in the future, we will also enable free avatar creations, this will substantially be more general and will have less content such as exclusive and dedicated storyline quests & gameplay that are linked back to the lore.

There are a total of 750 Genesis avatars, each with its own species and qualities.

We will sell 500 Genesis avatar NFTs using our own application, and consumers will need $SLC tokens to acquire them.

We’ll also distribute 200 Genesis avatars via the Magic Eden platform, thanks to our relationship with Magic Eden.

50 Genesis avatar NFTs will be set aside for future events and collaborations.

How can I get the NFT’s for the Genesis avatar?

Users may join our discord channel and follow the easy instructions to register for the whitelist lottery between the 20th and the 23rd of February.

Users must join our discord channel with a verified account to submit their Twitter!twitter and wallet with!wallet in order to be considered for the whitelist. wallet

on the #avatar-whitelist discord channel


Users must have a minimum of 1000 $SLC tokens in their wallet to be eligible for the whitelist lottery.

Users that staked at least 1000 $SLC tokens in the Genesis Staking Event will be immediately enrolled and included into the whitelist lottery.

During our Genesis Staking Event, those that risked 50000 $SLC or more and reached the highest staking tier will be instantly enrolled AND whitelisted for the Genesis avatar NFT’s sale.

For the first two hours, whitelisted users will be able to acquire Genesis avatar NFTs for 500 $SLC tokens in the pre-sale; after the first two hours, the remaining NFTs will be publically accessible for purchase for 550 $SLC tokens.

Solice’s Background

On the Solana blockchain, Solice is an open 3D world with limitless possibilities: a VR metaverse where users can play, build, own, socialize, and monetize their virtual experiences in an immersive way. Solice is a metaverse comprising virtual worlds, NFTs, and communities that are all linked. With the goal of improving the overall user experience by linking people throughout the metaverse via interoperability.

To keep up with the newest developments, follow Solice on social media.

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