Snoop Dogg Teases Groundbreaking Death Row Records NFT Drop

Major record label Death Row Records is teasing a new drop of the company’s catalog, which includes some of Snoop Dogg’s biggest hits, like “Gin and Juice.” The announcement comes on the back of recent major releases from Dr. Dre and Ice Cube that are both available to purchase as NFTs in crypto collectibles marketplace OpenSea.

The “who owns death row records” is a question that many people have been wondering about. In this article, we will be discussing the answer to this question.

Snoop Dogg, the quintessential hip-hop icon, has hinted at the first big release for his NFT-focused Death Row recordings. Dr. Dre’s legendary rap hymn, ‘Nuthin’ But a G Thang,’ may be included in the show-stopping drop, according to the man himself.

Mr Dogg quickly rebranded as an NFT music firm after purchasing Death Row Records. As a result, he’s made it plain that all future information will be released as non-fungible tokens. In addition, a number of high-profile titles held by the corporation vanished from major steaming platforms after the announcement, all of which are anticipated to make a victorious comeback through the improved record label.

Dr. Dre’s first album, The Chronic, is one such title that stands out for its lack. The main song, ‘Nuthin But a G Thang,’ was released first and reached the lofty heights of No. 2 on the Billboard charts. Gala Music, which will supply all of the technology to host the music on the blockchain, will fuel this new non-fungible venture on which Mr Dogg has embarked.

“We want to bring excellent music and outstanding performers to the area….” This is what Death Row is all about: expanding and expanding into other areas.” Snoop Dogg is a rapper who is well-known for his rap music.


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