Sky Mavis to Focus on Axie Infinity Origin After Closing Classic Version

After nearly two years, Sky Mavis is planning to close the classic version of its popular blockchain game Axie Infinity. The project has reportedly been struggling financially since launch in November 2017 and began considering closing after a series of funding hurdles that led to falling development funds.

The “axie infinity: origin release date” is the upcoming game that will replace the classic version of Sky Mavis. The game will have a new name, and it’s development team has been changed.

The ever-popular P2E Web3 game Axie Infinity’s developer, Sky Mavis, has announced that the “Classic” version of the game, also known as Axie Infinity V2, would be shut down once Season 21 concludes on June 24. 

After the close, Sky Mavis will go on working to maximize the potential of Axie Infinity Origin. The adoption of “full leaderboard” capacity and awards, where Guilds from “Classic” will still be allowed to play in teams of three throughout the game, will be a part of this.

The closure of “Classic” comes at a time when the game’s user activity has seen a relative decline. Over the course of its existence, the game’s daily player counts have averaged approximately 10,000, which is a tiny portion of its highest daily activity figure, which is in the millions. Despite this, there are now three million active Ronin wallets, presumably as a result of the fact that the whole events of Season 21 took place on the Ronin network.

Sky Mavis are attempting to reopen the RON-ETH bridge, which has been shut down since its mass breach back in March, according to recent Axie Infinity ecosystem news. The reopening is scheduled for June 23rd, after which users will start receiving revenue from Sky Mavis and other fundraising initiatives. Additionally, the reopening is anticipated to reinvigorate the Katana exchange and pull additional resources away from the Ethereum network.


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