Sipher to Launch Spacecraft for Non-Fungible Token Holders

Non-fungible tokens have quickly become a hot commodity, and Sipher is launching their next spacecraft to bring more opportunities into the ring. The company will be making it easier for creatives and developers alike to create exclusive digital goods that can’t easily be duplicated or forged.

The “Sipher xyz” is a new project that will allow holders of non-fungible tokens to launch spacecrafts. The project will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sipher, an upcoming psychedelic punk rock role-playing game, is ready to provide NFT owners to a variety of technicolor spaceships. Within the Sipherian cosmos, an epic sequence of world-spanning motorized transit will deliver boosts and stat upgrades.

Owners may begin constructing their fleet of extraordinary machines on April 4 at 12 a.m. UTC. NFT holders may claim one lootbox per eligible NFT each week until May 22. Each lootbox has all the components to create seven different spacecraft. Two wings, a fuselage, a weapons system, and thrusters are included in each package. Certain crafts, however, are only available to owners of the NEKO or INU NFT collections.

The third installment of the Spaceships essay series is ready to go! 🚀

Check it out right now:

Claiming Loot Boxes, Minting, and Bringing NFTs into Account Inventory are all covered in this article (Off-Chain).

March 31, 2022 — SIPHR (@SIPHERxyz)

Each ship component is available in five levels of rarity, ranging from common to legendary, with an overall rarity score determined by the vehicle’s combined parts. These rarity ratings will then have a direct impact on Sipher gameplay, delivering more inventory space, improved player stats, and other bonuses.

All loot boxes, components, and built ships will reside off chain in the Sipher registry, where owners may interact with, open, and build their necessary spacecraft, reducing the gas cost requirement. Owners may mint the things on the Polygon network as NFTs and transfer genuine ownership in order to sell freely on the secondary market.

To claim, go to, log in using Metamask, and then go to the Sipher dashboard.

Learn more about Sipher Spaceships >> Here


The “sipher tokenomic” is a new blockchain project that will allow non-fungible tokens to be created and traded on the platform. They have also announced the launch of their spacecraft for the project.

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