Shuriken Chiks NFTs Aim to Cause a Ruckus on the Blockchain

Shuriken Chiks are blockchain-powered games that incentivize players to interact with each other by turning goods and services into NFTs. The idea is that all good things come in threes, so there will be three different types of Shuriken Chik cards – rare, legendary, and ultimate.

The “opensea” is a new project that aims to cause a ruckus on the blockchain. The project has created an NFT called the “shuriken chik.”

A new breed of disillusioned youngsters has started to pervade the suburban landscape, crushed down by a relentless assault of unnecessary information that results in an uninterrupted stream of stagnant feedback, born into an age of compulsion and forced compliance. In an age where critical thinking is openly mocked, these disobedient people are fed up with the state regulating the clothing they wear and the opinions they have.

The Shuriken Chiks are ready to descend on the Ethereum blockchain in reaction to this undesirable status quo. 10k modern-day warriors with the goal of misbehaving. These stylish Chiks are prepared to face the situation straight on, combating the ceaseless cacophony as they seek to build an identity and restore the natural order, using the ancient art of the Shuriken.

Along the way, they’ll release an NFT collection with a rich, dynamic mythology and past, weaving a complex tapestry of stories and locations to immerse fans in the Shuriken Chicks’ fantastic world. While doing so, they celebrated their achievement with a slew of prizes, activities, and even a video game.

ten thousand incredible NFTs

Shuriken Chiks is a high-octane, next-generation NFT project with a focus on world creation and narrative. One of the best anime collections on the blockchain is the product of months of laborious creative study and visual creation.

The project will start in the next months with an incredible 10k collection of incredible NFTs. Each one is meticulously detailed and algorithmically produced from hundreds of qualities, resulting in millions of different combinations and, as a consequence, a blockchain-provable uniqueness.

These daring and stylish inventions will be available in four unique categories, each with a different level of rarity. The Tokushuna clan, which represents barely 10% of the Shuriken Chiks, is the most rare. Migoto (20%), Mezurashi (30%), and Ippan (10%) are the next three (40 percent ). Furthermore, each item in the collection will come with extra incredible benefits, like as lifelong free game access, beta testing privileges, free airdrops, and minting rights for future collections.

Shuriken Chiks NFT Collection Story

Play to Earn is the way of the future.

The Shuriken Chiks team will begin development of the game after the entire collection has been sold. The Shuriken Chiks must utilize their street smarts and physical skills to survive the unending trial in this endless running type frolic.

Shuriken Chiks, on the other hand, are not a team to rush into things, and will assure the finest possible gameplay via thorough development as well as drawing cues from the crucial tool that is community input. They’ll also look at the possibility of using tokenomics to realize their play-to-earn goals.

The Team

Shuriken Chiks is putting up a competent team with a flair for big stories and anime-styled artworks from the bottom up. Each member has a distinct function to play, for which they have a wealth of knowledge in order to create an out-of-this-world NFT experience. Expect additional participants to join the fold once the project goes online, since it now consists of a quartet of a writer, developer, artist, and project leader.

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NFTs are a type of digital asset that can be created on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT art is an example of this type of asset. What is nft art? Reference: what is nft art.

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