Shooter Pals Offers Frantic Multiplayer Action in the Play-to Earn Arena

Shooters Pals is a platform that gives players the chance to battle other players in an arena, with each player earning their own unique collectible character. The game’s mechanics are based on skill and what you can earn as your reward: using blockchain technology, Shooters Pals allows everyone to become their own publisher of content through gameplay. Players who play for free will be rewarded with tokens that they can use to buy other games or services from within the economy.

In a parallel universe, an extraterrestrial culture resides beyond the wide distances of space, for whom ultra-violence is the purest form of flattery. A civilization in which a punch to the face is equated to a handshake or a bouquet of flowers. As a consequence, they fight interminably, displaying sympathy via crazed multiplayer combat. The Shooter Pals’ domain is this.

Shooter Pals, as shown here on planet Earth, is a frantic NFT-powered play-to-earn blockchain game that runs on the gas-friendly Polygon network. The concept mixes Super Smash Brothers’ frenetic action with the unpredictable mayhem of the Worms series.

Gamers take on the opponent in a typical 2D style, gathering weapons and power ups along the way and earning extra prizes for racking up kills, kill streaks, and achieving objectives. Successful globules’ avatars will transform into huge tank-like versions of themselves throughout the game, giving them more weaponry and shield capacity but also representing a bigger target.

The game, which is now in closed beta, will ultimately grow to cover a massive free-to-play, play-to-earn gaming empire, where gladiatorial exploits are rewarded with delectable currency.

NFTs Shooter Pals

In the form of Pals characters and NFT wearables, Shooter Pals adds a touch of the non-fungible to the mix. Each has its own set of advantages for its owners, such as increased income potential and lower prices on collectibles. The Shooter Pals “Founders” NFTs are now available on OpenSea, and they represent a variety of characters and headwear, each of which grants entry to the game’s freshly released closed beta edition.

These exceptional handmade desirables are now available in a limited quantity of 2,832 pieces, with 28 various types of Pal and 24 different hat variants, signifying three degrees of rarity. These Genesis objects, on the other hand, will be joined by other collectibles at a later date, while a fourth Mythic category of 1/1 items will arrive later. Holders may also look forward to a greater choice of fantastic wearables that will allow them to customize the game to their hearts’ content.


Closed Beta & Upcoming Utility Token

The closed beta for Shooter Pals is already begun, and it’s available to everyone who has any of the game’s NFTs. Players may test their mettle on the battlefield while collecting $CHIPS prizes by using a range of weapons and power ups. Following the public beta period, they will be distributed as a token airdrop.

Shooter Pals will introduce its native utility token, $CHIPS, when the closed beta phase is over. A platform that governs ERC20 tokens that are used to distribute in-game prizes and serve as the foundation of the Shooter Pals universe. Only 1% of these tokens are set aside for public sale. While the awards system will be based on a vast 90% of the population.

Shooter Pals NFT P2E

Beyond the Infinite

Shooter Pals will provide a slew of new features in the future, including a specialized marketplace for exchanging NFT items. Later editions will include a free-to-play feature as well as unique timed battles in which players may stake their hard-earned cash on their battlefield prowess.

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