Shogunate – NFT Collection and P2E Game from 0xArt

The new game from 0xArt is blockchain-powered collectible and a digital trading card game. The team raised $1,000,000 USD worth of NFTs in under three hours during their token sale this past November 16th 2018

The “starship nft” is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and crypto assets. The game, “Shogunate”, is an interesting P2E game that you can play with your friends.

Welcome to Shogunate, a collection of aesthetically gorgeous NFTs designed by Seiun that you’ll need in order to fight in 0xArt’s forthcoming Play-to-Earn game, Shogunate Arena.

Shogunate promises to be a great pleasure, thanks to an eclectic team of NFT and Blockchain professionals, including the creator of Meebits DAO.

Fortunately for us, the 0xArt crew was able to respond to some of our questions regarding the collection and the Shogunate Arena – enjoy.

When did you start putting together your collection?

The concept was conceived in September 2021. We spent 7 months bringing it to life, the P2E is 99 percent complete, and we built everything ourselves, even the fight Arena.

What made you decide on the Ethereum blockchain?

We believed this was a solid move since we mostly hold NFT collections on Ethereum and Opensea is the largest NFT marketplace. The P2E, however, will be on the Polygon platform because to the costs.

How many years has the Shogunate crew worked together?

NFTs and blockchain technology are still in their infancy. We are, however, all a little OG. Since 2017, one of the founders has become a collector! The majority of us have 10 to 20 years of expertise in our respective fields, such as NFT design, development, and marketing.


What will the fights entail? What am I going to do to win?

In the Shogunate Arena, battles are a mix of chance and strategy. You must change your approach to enhance your chances of success in as many fights as possible. Setting up your defense, leveling up the talents you want to concentrate on, and deciding on the best assault strategy for a certain opponent are all part of this process.


When do you intend to enable additional collections (MeeBits included?) to access your arenas?

After beta testing, other NFT collections will be allowed to access the Shogunate Fight to Earn arena. It will be feasible thanks to a bridge (smart contract) that temporarily disables the NFT during the battle. To provide complete security for NFT owners, this bridge will be managed by an external security company. Yes, the Meebits appreciate the concept of us introducing utility to their NFT like fighting and collecting cash, thanks to their DAO.


What method will you use to divide the prizes among the collectors?

We’ll have a seasonal leaderboard with MATIC awards and TOKU, our native erc20 Shogunate crypto currency, as rewards for each combat.

What do you have planned for the third and fourth quarters of 2022?

We want to improve the arena and integrate additional collections, according to our strategy. We’ll also work on “MMA”-style contests, in which the winner takes the opponent’s NFT. Seiun, our illustrator, will also be working on a manga that will be released in 2023.

Have you been collecting NFT before this project?

Yes, as previously said, we all began our careers in the profession at a young age. We think that after the madness of 2021, this market will be more sustainable and widespread.

We appreciate the opportunity to chat with the 0xArt team, and you can learn more about Shogunate and join their community on Discord, Twitter, and Medium.

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The “starship token website” is a game that runs on the NFTs. The game is very simple and fun to play. It has been created by 0xArt, a company that specializes in blockchain-based games.

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