SharkRace Club: Appetite for Speed and Survival in the Depths

A new blockchain-based game that pits players against each other in a race to the bottom of the ocean. SharkRace, which is now available on iOS and Android devices, offers an innovative twist on traditional racing games with a crypto twist: all cars are owned by their corresponding owners within the app’s ecosystem. With collectible tokens as rewards for playing well, players can use them at any time but only get access to certain cars—or even special parts that you don’t receive unless you have enough coins!

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Good morning, Seedify Community!

We’re excited to present you to SharkRace Club today. Please join us as we dive deep into the ocean to discover all there is to know about the SharkRace game and its upcoming Private Purchase and IGO on the Seedify Launchpad on March 2nd (Private Purchase) and 3rd (IGO) (IGO).

SharkRace Club is a fast-paced NFT/blockchain metaverse game with superior 3D visuals and engaging gameplay. Gamers will be able to earn prizes via the game’s multiple thrilling play-to-earn chances by competing in stunning, merciless underwater races with clever and brutal NFT Meta-sharks.

SharkRace Club NFT Sets are very collectible.

The special SharkRace Club NFT collection includes 20 001 one-of-a-kind premium pieces that provide holders a number of perks, including automatic membership in the ‘club’ and a full set of Meta-sharks to play the game. The artwork for the SharkRace Club NFT collection is in 4K and includes over 1000 distinct hand-drawn qualities. It was developed by a team of high-profile Cannes Lions award-winning artists whose portfolios include work for big companies like Disney and crucial images for the Olympics.

SharkRace Club NFT owners will have access to the NFT Rarity Upgrading Creative Platform, which is a first in the industry. Owners of NFT assets will be able to increase the rarity of their assets by adding objects and accessories to create a new, one-of-a-kind work of digital art. The old artwork picture and information are then burned and replaced with the newly enhanced, rarer piece via the smart contract.

NFT holders will get tokens, have monthly possibilities for airdrops, and enjoy lifelong royalties, voting rights, and staking preferences in addition to the Rarity Upgrade Creative Platform and collection of Meta-sharks.

SharkRace’s fast-paced gameplay blends the greatest elements of arcade games, role-playing games, and racing games. Members of the SharkRace Club will be able to engage in a variety of thrilling game-play scenarios, racing and struggling for survival while earning NFTs and token awards for their efforts.


Three different varieties of meta-sharks will be available in the game, each with its own set of characteristics and suited for particular racing and fight tactics. Players may employ the ‘Battlecruiser’ Titan to smash the competition, the stealthy Rocket for speed and agility, or the Core Shark for a more balanced approach, according on their game-play preferences.

Add-ons and Weapons

Add-on slots on meta-sharks enable players to modify and improve the effectiveness of their sharks during races by adding various NFT modules such as weaponry, traits, and boosters. Players will be able to equip rams, rapid-fire turrets, laser systems, and other offensive modifications to their meta-sharks, as well as boosters to increase speed, inflict more damage, and alter the appearance of their sharks with varied attributes and aesthetic enhancements.

A comprehensive warfare system is included in the game, with weapons having varying degrees of usefulness versus other weapons and each having its own set of strengths and weaknesses. To optimize their powers against opponents, players will need to prepare and outfit their shark with the finest potential combinations of weaponry and upgrades.

Players will be able to enhance their level of profits in the game by using the numerous upgrade choices and participating in the game.

Play-to-Earn/Game Modes

You must first get a meta-shark in order to begin playing the game. SharkRace Club will provide participants with a variety of entertaining and profitable play-to-earn game types to pick from.

Gamers will be able to compete in single-player, multiplayer, and group tournament modes on hard courses with traps and obstacles.

Gamers will be able to compete for NFT artifacts and tokens via the game’s different play-to-earn options. Players will be able to race and compete for the SharkBank prize, which is supported by platform purchases and transactions, in group tournament mode. Non-competitive participants will be permitted to wager on the result of the races.

As the game develops, more game-play elements will be introduced, such as leagues, player-initiated team tournaments, immersive VR, and metaverse partnerships with other projects.

Players will be able to purchase, sell, and trade collectable SharkRace Club NFTs and premium accessories, as well as sell NFT artifacts gained via game play, on the SharkRace Club NFT marketplace. Players will be able to buy upgrades, lives, and talents to help them better their meta-sharks and, as a result, their game revenue.

The Sharkcoin ($SHRK) token will fuel the metaverse economy of SharkRace Club.

The $SHRK token will be used to buy and upgrade collector NFTs, as well as to make additional marketplace and in-game purchases including meta-sharks, skills, weapons, boosters, and accessories. For SharkRace Club NFT owners, $SHRK will be earned via game-play awards and staking, as well as airdrops and royalties.

Information and Participation Requirements for the SharkRace Club Private Purchase/IGO

Let’s look at how SFUND holders may get early access to $SHRK tokens and the exciting play-to-earn options provided by SharkRace Club by participating in the Seedify Launchpad’s future Private Purchase and IGO offers.

  • $SHRK is the name of a cryptocurrency.
  • BEP-20 is a kind of token.
  • 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  • Mcap initial: $328 480
  • Price on the market: Listing price: $0.02.02

Private Purchase

  • Private Purchase Date: March 2
  • Amount allotted: $120,000 (including 5 percent success fee)
  • Private Purchase Price: $0.012
  • Private Purchase Vesting: 3% TGE, 4 months cliff, then daily vesting for 20 months


  • 3rd of March, IGO
  • $350K has been allocated (including 5 percent success fee)
  • Price on IGO: IGO Price: $0.02.02
  • IGO Vesting: 20% at TGE, then daily vesting for the next six months.

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