Seven Kickass Women Leading NFTs & Web3

With the excitement of NFTs, it’s easy to forget how many women are making waves in this industry. The following is a list of seven kickass women leading blockchain and web3 projects at every level from conception to execution.

The “battle of the blockchains” is a battle between two different types of decentralized networks. The first type, which is currently winning, is NFTs and the second type is Web3.

The Web3 sector in general, and the NFT niche in particular, is attracting an increasing number of ladies. After all, NFTs are interesting, engaging, and allow for creativity, as well as serving as a doorway to crypto for those with non-technical backgrounds.

Many outstanding ladies are already working hard behind the scenes to advance the space. Many women have found a home in the Web3 world for their abilities, talents, and creativity, whether it’s starting a Web3 firm, teaching other women about NFTs, or developing an NFT project with a purpose.

That’s the beauty of where we are in this area right now – there’s still so much potential for creativity, expression, trial and error, and connecting with others who are as curious, eager, and driven to explore this new world of possibilities as we are.

We spoke with several fierce girls making waves in the industry for this piece, and we’ve also added some who we didn’t have a chance to speak with but who deserve to be included.

Collins, Kelly Ann

Kelly has a long history as a writer, having helped to create USA Today and been one of the first to leap into the blogging industry, explaining what a blog is to large corporations. In her own words, she’s done a lot of work in Web 1, Web 2, and now Web 3!

She’d heard a lot about Bitcoin from her pals, but during the epidemic, she became extensively interested in NFTs. She packed her belongings, left the city, and traveled to her grandparents’ farm, where she became engrossed in Pancake Swap and met Shiba. After becoming more engaged in the community, she was approached by others who asked if they may create an NFT of her. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Kelly launched Vult Lab, an award-winning firm that consults companies at the convergence of Web2, Web3, and social impact, and was named one of Inc. Magazine’s top 100 businesswomen. She also maintains a cryptocurrency blog and a Women Who Rock group on Twitter Spaces, which is dedicated to assisting women living in underprivileged areas. Kelly feels that NFTs will play an important role in our future, and she wants to include as many people as possible!

Diana Montaez is a Mexican actress.

Diana is the unseen powerhouse powering the metaverse and NFT services firm Grow Your Base’s rapid expansion (GYB). Even though Diana is just 22, she already has an enviable set of blockchain and NFT talents under her sleeve. You won’t find her discussing her ideas on social media or gloating about her expertise and accomplishment.

Her tale serves as an example for young individuals who are unsure where to begin, as well as experienced companies who are ready to take a chance on younger people with promise but no experience.

She was born in Colombia and began her business and NFT career in Barcelona, Spain, where she met other like-minded blockchain entrepreneurs at her university, Toulouse Business School (TBS). She began reading books on financial independence at the early age of 12, and she already knew it was her ambition and aspiration to acquire it for herself. She came from a terrible financial background.

It was not simple for her to migrate to Spain as a Colombian, but she made it happen with grit and dedication. While in college, she and her classmates founded Eagle Check, a blockchain firm that won the MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator’s pitch competition.

She met the creators of GYB via the startup, where she built relationships with major investors and pioneers in the sector. She began working there in 2019 and was responsible for relatively basic responsibilities such as submitting orders and keeping track of NFT transactions. Since then, she has progressed to the position of portfolio manager for the firm, a highly entrusted position in which she collaborates with the business development team on investment choices, operational and security work, and wallet management.


Amy Street is a street in New York City.

Amy Street is a street in New York City. is a fire cracker and a house of fun! This incredible lady is all over the NFT show, and just launched Season One of her very own NFT podcast dubbed ‘NFT***ingT’.

Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces were the beginnings of her quest. She presented the Clubhouse program “Women Tell All,” in which women discussed vexing relationship and sex concerns. The performance was a huge sensation, and Spotify contacted her shortly after to offer her the opportunity to make it into a podcast called ‘Indecent and Exposed.’

She was dying to start something new, so she created the Wealthy Men Connect?? on Twitter Spaces, staying true to her crazy and creative side. Although the program was not supposed to be about NFTs, the show’s NFT gags about men and women quickly became a feature.

After being informed by many individuals that she was using NFTs for clout, Amy resolved to study about them for genuine, and her love affair with NFTs began. She became engrossed with music NFTs and educated herself on tokenomics, smart contracts, price action, and other topics. She consumed all she could by watching YouTube videos, reading articles, and visiting other Twitter Spaces.

Then she went to her first real-life event, Art Basel in Miami, where she further developed her network. Being in the Web3 arena allowed her to put her natural abilities to good use by amusing, teaching, and conversing with a wide range of individuals. Web3 Street Smarts is her own Web3 job headhunting firm, and she leverages her extensive network to link individuals in the NFT industry.


Rowley, Melissa Jun

Melissa is an outspoken supporter and pioneer of decentralized approaches. Melissa has seen firsthand the power and potential of openness and fostering trust by eliminating third parties, as well as the benefits of not doing business with centralized organizations in terms of efficiency.

She has been blogging on blockchain for social impact since 2015, despite her initial skepticism about NFTs. She didn’t start getting into NFTs until December 2021, at Miami Art Week. In fact, her post ‘Why I Transitioned From Being an NFT Naysayer to a Bonafide Believer’ on Rolling Stones details her NFT journey in detail.

As an outsider, she didn’t like what she saw of the NFT realm, such as the customary photos of Cool Cats, Bored Apes, and other special animal pfps. Although she feels these initiatives are excellent for proof of concept, the exclusivity associated with these collections first turned her off, that is, until she attended an event on Wellness, Web3, and Wine.

The event was packed with a variety of artists who discussed wealth creation and how being an NFT creator has enabled them to have integrity over their work while also allowing them to earn riches with their art, something they never imagined possible. This motivated her to look at how she might help the ecology become more inclusive.

Commitment, vulnerability, innovation, and open mindedness, she argues, are the four pillars of Web3 success. In order to succeed in Web3, one must be willing to be vulnerable and reach out to others.

Melissa is the founder of Warrior Love Productions, a Web3 production company, and HerVoice, an NFT program for women. She also just established Mintworthy, a Web3 film incubator. Film3 will, she thinks, usher in a significant shift in the business, since film productions will now enable token holders to participate in the creative process.

In fact, during the Cannes Film Festival, Mintworthy launched a funding program for filmmakers. Participants with any degree of Web3 education, including those with no prior understanding, are welcome to apply. The sole requirement is that the screenplays, concepts, and stories concentrate on finding answers to some of the world’s most serious problems.


Holly Wood is a fictional character created by Holly Wood

Holly is an exceptional networker and communicator. She is Rarible’s Head of Creator Relationships and has over 20 years of experience working with creators in a variety of fields, including art, sports, and fashion.

She was the Director of Wood Society of the Arts before joining Rarible, where she oversaw relationships with premium companies including BMW and Dior. With her outstanding talents in onboarding new artists to blockchain technology and NFTs, she’s done a lot for the NFT art community.


Beryl Li 

Beryl Li is a complete force to be reckoned with! Yield Guild Games (YGG), one of the most popular gaming guilds for play-to-earn blockchain games, is co-founded by her. When she first heard about Bitcoin in 2013, she was enthralled by the underlying technology.

She began coaching governments and financial institutions on tokenization, among other things, after falling down the crypto and blockchain rabbit hole. She became interested in DeFi and NFTs during the pandemic, which led to her becoming a co-founder of YGG.

She was already interested about financial democratization and how to build alternative ‘non-financial’ goods for people before starting YGG alongside Gabby Dizon and Owl of Moistness.

Beryl thinks we’ll see more NFTs in the future, such as tickets for metaverse events, physical asset authentication, and identity NFTs like avatars.



For the last two years, Micol has been a driving force behind CryptoArt. She and four other team members founded ‘Vertical Crypto Art,’ a curatorial studio and platform for NFT art, in June 2020.

Micol, surprisingly, does not come from an artistic family. She used to work in more technical jobs for Instagram and Facebook until she was introduced to the world of NFTs and blockchain by a buddy who was minting NFTs on SuperRare.

Vertical Crypto Art has its own auction platform as well as live auctions, curates artwork for other platforms, and runs a fantastic incubator and Web3 art residence program for budding artists.

The crew travels the globe to attend events and has been instrumental in connecting artists with various businesses, initiatives, and introducing digital artists to NFTs.



The “Seven Kickass Women Leading NFTs & Web3” is a blog that features seven women who are leading the new financial technology revolution. The blog includes interviews, articles, and resources for people looking to get involved in the space. Reference: fwenclub.

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