Seedify NFT Space : Introducing Our Newest Master Product

Seedify is a new platform for trading, managing and selling digital assets.

The “nft collectibles” is a new product that allows users to collect and trade digital assets. With this product, users can earn rewards for their time spent in the game and purchase items with NFTs.

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Greetings, Seedify Community!

Seedify NFT Space is a new revolutionary NFT marketplace that we are excited to bring to you. Please join us to learn more about Seedify NFT Space’s market positioning, as well as the advantages it provides to its consumers.

Over the last year, non-crypto artists, customers, and even celebrities have created collections and spent substantial amounts of money on digital art works, bringing NFTs to the attention of the general public.

While NFTs are unquestionably important as art, their incorporation in games and metaverses opens up a far wider range of applications and use-cases.

The capacity to establish ownership of intangible things has created avenues that will change our species’ existence. As humans, we are about to enter an exciting new age in which we will be able to extend our life into virtual worlds through digital NFT assets like as clothing, homes, automobiles, pets, and so on. We’ll be able to engage in places where our actual and virtual lives collide, and space and time limits will no longer limit or govern our capacity to create thrilling new tales and experiences.

What breakthroughs and benefits does Seedify NFT Space promise?

The Seedify NFT Space will have a cutting-edge gaming and metaverse-focused asset marketplace. The platform will be dedicated completely to those assets, as well as their ever-increasing interlinked use-cases, multiverse connections, and numerous intriguing applications that have yet to be imagined.

Seedify NFT Space will solve the flaws in existing NFT markets, such as their inability to accept utility-based metaverse and in-game asset collections. Lower prices and a user-friendly interface with straightforward, space-specific asset research capabilities will be among the platform’s advantages.

The NFT Marketplace is more than that.

Seedify NFT Space will have more features in addition to the marketplace, such as connecting gamers and collectors with artists and project owners, as well as expanding the use-cases for our native SFUND coin.

Users will be able to pre-purchase or finance collections to acquire pre-mint slots via a Kickstarter-like crowdsourcing process. This feature will provide creators, players, and collectors with mutually advantageous possibilities by providing new ways to support and create new NFT asset collections.

The platform will include an auto-launch feature that will connect artists and projects to a network of launchpads. Seedify’s IGO, INO, and IMO Launchpads, as well as marketing assistance, advising, and industry partners, will be accessible at first.

Every transaction a user performs on the Seedify NFT Space marketplace gives them the chance to win an NFT reward, which is determined by a random number generator. Some rewards will be more valuable than others, with rarer NFT drops being more likely with bigger purchases. The RNG NFT prize pool will be funded with 25% of the marketplace fees.

New Token & Airdrop for $SNFTS

With our native token being utilized to crowdfund artists and collections, as well as new possibilities on Seedify’s IGO, INO, and IMO Launchpads, Seedify NFT Space will provide extra use to SFUND.

It is important to remember that SNFTS coins will not be for sale. Instead, on a 20 to 1 ratio ($SNFTS to SFUND) every snapshot, the tokens will be airdropped to SFUND token holders. The quantity of tokens each holder will get will be determined by strategic photographs collected over the course of five weeks. Each staked/farmed $SFUND will get up to 100 $SNFTS if it participates in every snapshot.

Owners of SFUND get perks such as the opportunity to participate in early game offers, whilst SNFTS has its own set of privileges in Seedify NFT Space:

  • Fee reductions – SNFTS users will be able to pay 1% marketplace fees instead of 2% when using other tokens.
  • SNFTS is crucial for particular NFT drops because it improves random-number-generator (RNG) rates. One of the two crucial data pieces that will improve chances throughout the RNG process is the number of SNFTS in a wallet. With more SNFTS, there are more chances for higher-value NFT prizes. The value of the NFT item being bought is the other important data point: RNG payout value rises with the size of the transaction.
  • Extra treasuries are being created for partnerships, marketing, NFT drops, and expansions.

The snapshots and SNFTS token airdrops for OpenSea users and NFT-holding wallets from specific blue-chip collections will help Seedify NFT Space gain traction and provide users with a variety of benefits.

Seedify NFT Space is described in full here:

Seedify is a blockchain gaming incubator and launchpad environment that empowers innovators and project developers by providing access to finance, community and relationship development, and a comprehensive support system to help shape the future of gaming and blockchain.

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