Seascape Team With Binance to Launch Second Series of Zombie NFTs –

Seascape is launching a new series of Zombie NFTs on the Binance blockchain, which gives people access to a variety of undead-themed collectibles. The first batch includes physical objects like pins and bags as well as digital ones such as stickers, avatars, and animations.

The “seascape medium” is a blog that will be launching a second series of Zombie NFTs, this time with Binance. These NFTs are called “Zombie Coins”.

Seascape Network’s DeFi and NFT game platform Seascape Network is following up on the popularity of its Zombie-themed DeFi Challenge adventure ‘Zombie Farm’ by launching a series of ‘Zombies v Humans Mystery Boxes.’ 

The firm has once again linked up with the ever-illustrious Binance NFT., who have trademarked the Mystery Boxes, to permit the exclusive debut of the limited-edition series.

NFT Mystery Boxes on Binance

Six Seascape NFTs will be included in the Mystery Boxes, featuring three characters, Carl, Ed, and Gramps, as well as their flesh-eating zombie counterparts. Each of the six NFTs will have its own quantitative and qualitative qualities, with higher-paying incentives available to individuals who obtain higher-quality and rarer NFTs.

The 6 NFTs and their related rarity are listed in increasing order: Zombie Gramps (N), Gramps (N), Zombie Ed (N), Ed (R), Zombie Carl (SR), and Carl (SR) (SSR). 

The Drop

On February 21st at 11 a.m. UTC, the collection will be distributed exclusively on the Binance NFT Marketplace for a one-time fee of 50 BUSD ($50). There will be 10,000 Mystery Boxes available for purchase, 250 of which will be designated for the community, and each user will be able to purchase a maximum of 50.

The Mystery Boxes and their related NFTs will be available in one of four rarities, each with a different degree of supply: N (8000), R (1400), SR (500), and SSR (1000). (100). 

NFT Utility for Seascape Zombie 

Seascape’s core objective is to produce NFTs and accompanying gaming ecosystems that provide actual and tangible value for its owners, rather than just supplying NFTs that can only help with non-incentivised in-game milestones (such as simply leveling up characters). With this concept in mind, the NFTs in this next offering, as well as all subsequent NFTs published by Seascape, will devote their entire life cycles to providing profit-generating possibilities to their holders.

Participants in the ‘Zombies v Humans’ collection, the ‘Zombie Slayer Wichita’ collection, or any future Seascape zombie themed NFT releases will be able to stake and burn their NFTs (also known as’Scapes’) in exchange for in-game rewards (such as Binance Coins (BNB) and Seascape Crowns (CWS) in all seasons of Seascape’s zombie themed DeFi game, Zombie Farm.

DeFi Games with a Seascape

Seascape’s success is based on their attempts to convert all of their original series NFTs into ‘Scapes.’ Such ‘Scapes’ are unique and actual financial assets, with utility and play-to-earn (P2E) dynamics that may be enjoyed with relative stability due to their staking and burnable qualities.

Seascape is building a breakthrough environment for games that use P2E features to flourish by concentrating on incentives at both the player and developer sides of the gaming process. 

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