Sartoshi Summons His Inner Satoshi to Vanish Into the Great Unknown

A new cryptocurrency game, Sartoshi Summons His Inner Satoshi to Vanish Into the Great Unknown is a collaboration between CryptoKitties and EverdreamSoft. As one of the first blockchain games in existence, it’s not only going to be a big experiment but also an incredibly fun way for players to spend their time.

Sartoshi, the founder of Mfers, followed in the footsteps of his Bitcoin-founding namesake by fleeing into the vast unknown, as many had expected. On his departure, he gave the Mfers community custody of his 10,021 PFP stick figures.

Sartoshi’s crudely designed progeny made their debut on the Ethereum blockchain at the end of last year, without any of the typical bells and whistles like a roadmap or Discord. The idea, according to his goodbye, was to test how the collection would do without him at the helm.

A lot of OG holders entered the battlefield under the careful eye of this beneficent deity. To begin, create an unofficial project Discord, and then a multi signature wallet to serve as the unofficial treasury. Following this path, Mfers grew into a well-known NFT community, with the floor price reaching dizzying heights of 5.785 in February and the largest selling reaching a staggering 80 ETH.

— p u f f nft (@PuffYatty) 10 June 2022

As he prepares to vanish, Sartoshi has changed the smart contract to transfer 50% of royalties to the unofficial treasury, thereby allowing the community-created Mfers DAO to manage the project’s destiny as they see appropriate. The Mfers floor price is now slightly over 1 ETH, because to the crypto decline combined with project uncertainty. The present Mfrs holders have complete control on where it goes next.

So Sartoshi raises his hat against the fading sunshine, stubs out his cigarette, and rides out into the sunset, leaving behind just the faint whisperings of a rumor and a legacy that will stay immutably tied to the blockchain forever.

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