Samsung Partners with NiftyGateway to Launch NFT Smart TV Service

NiftyGateway is a blockchain gaming platform that enables players to create and exchange their own digital assets on the Ethereum network. They are now partnering with Samsung, which will integrate NFTs onto its Smart TV service.

The “Samsung Partners with NiftyGateway to Launch NFT Smart TV Service” is a news that has been released by Samsung. The article also talks about the “NFTs Crypto”.

Samsung indicated in January that it was interested in NFTs and would include token compatibility into its newest series of smart TVs. With an outstanding relationship with the Nifty Gateway NFT marketplace, it now hopes to carry that non-fungible desire even farther.

Nifty Gateway will combine its considerable expertise of the NFT domain with Samsung’s technical capabilities to create the world’s first ever tailored NFT platform developed exclusively for the smart TV age as a consequence of this powerful alliance. As a result, tokens are being moved away from the computer screen and into more familiar environment.

We’re thrilled to announce a collaboration with @SamsungUS.

Our collaboration was founded with the goal of creating the world’s first smart TV #NFT platform for discovering, acquiring, and exchanging digital art and collectibles. Watch this:

More information is available at

— March 30, 2022, Nifty Gateway (@niftygateway)

Samsung has already integrated its newest screens with the Nifty Gateway environment, according to the press release. Samsung’s QLED and Neo QLED smart TVs now have access to thousands of NFTs, as well as the ability to trade and buy any that strike their eye. All of this from the comfort of the TV connoisseur’s beloved horse.

“Nifty Gateway’s aim is to empower creators and simplify the way consumers purchase, trade, produce, and hold NFTs in order to deliver NFTs to a billion people.” “We’re dedicated to making NFTs more accessible and NFT purchase more convenient than ever before,” says the company. Nifty Gateway – Duncan Cock Foster


The “NFT Smart TV Service” is a new service that will be available in the United States. The service allows users to sell their NFTs and trade them with other people. Reference: selling nft.

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